IDERA’s Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Release Advances Security Roadmap

Product Update Extends Security to Include PCI Standards and ServiceNow Integration Among Other Enhancements

HOUSTON, TX – May 03, 2016 –IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today announced the latest update of its award-winning infrastructure monitoring tool. IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 is the latest in a long line of recent releases that include security enhancements, user interface updates and ease-of-use features.

With this latest release, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 delivers several key enhancements including support for Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, active auto-discovery and native integration with ServiceNow, making the solution even more secure and easier to use.

“As with each recent release, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 continues to add security features and eliminate risk points where IT teams could have vulnerabilities,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of product management at IDERA. “Our roadmap has many interesting features planned including even more security enhancements, user interface improvements and new virtualization support, all of which will ensure that if an IT team needs a comprehensive infrastructure monitoring tool, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor will be the best fit.”

IDERA identified a market need for infrastructure monitoring solutions that adhere to current PCI standards to ensure companies are not vulnerable to malicious attacks and leaks of personal financial information. The current release, tightly aligned with PCI standards, gives businesses peace of mind that their IT infrastructure monitoring technology will support them in both security and compliance.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 features include:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard adherence enables businesses that process credit card payments to stay compliant with established security requirements ensuring less security risk for customers.
  • Automatic device discovery eliminates risk associated with infrastructure sprawl by automatically alerting when a user adds a new element to the infrastructure and allowing the user to immediately add alert capabilities upon detection.
  • ServiceNow integration enables more team alignment between various service desks and less potential security risk points by auto creating service tickets when Uptime Infrastructure Monitor detects that a monitored service is at risk.

"PCI standards were designed to protect financial account information and ensure a secure transmission of payment card data. Whatever your infrastructure monitoring system is, if it isn't also meeting PCI compliance standards, you are simply not secure," said Garrett Gross, PCI standards specialist and senior manager, field enablement at AlienVault. "By adding this additional protection, IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives users peace of mind they won't find with other infrastructure performance management solutions.”

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