IDERA Unveils Database Lifecycle Management Survey Results

Market research reveals disconnect between increased database complexity and understaffed data teams

HOUSTON, TX – June 27, 2016 – IDERA today announced the results of a market survey of data professionals on database lifecycle management (DLM). The survey reveals that while some companies initiate DLM programs and realize significant benefits, limited funding and upper management buy-in can reduce benefits.

“Data management challenges continue to grow and compete for the same staff to manage them all, spreading organizations very thin,” said Joe McKendrick, analyst and contributing editor at Unisphere Research. “These organizations aspire to incorporate database lifecycle management initiatives into their processes, but adoption is slow in most shops, amplified by a lack of staff and resources.”

Other key findings include:

  • Database administrators (DBAs) stretched to the limit - More than 40 percent of organizations have not increased the size of their data teams despite the significant increase in database operations complexity. Large organizations, with arguably the most complex data stores, experience some of the most pronounced staff cutbacks.

  • Management doesn’t understand the problem - Thirty percent of managers believe they hire staff with the skills required to reduce database environment complexity, but only 9 percent of DBAs agree. This confirms that although businesses run on data, business leaders and executives don’t understand how thinly stretched their database operations are.

  • Data management challenges are complex - Challenges contributing to the complexity of managing data environments include keeping databases at current update or patch levels, testing new technologies and infrastructure solutions for databases, addressing security issues, reducing or eliminating manual repetitive tasks and processes, and meeting business SLAs, among others.

  • Early stage DLM impacts results - Nearly 80 percent of organizations now have a DLM initiative underway, but most are in the early stages. Close to 90 percent of these companies already see a range of tangible business benefits, including improved data systems uptime, increased data availability, increased data confidence, accelerated data delivery, more predictable IT expenses, and faster and more frequent application delivery.

“The results of this survey reveal a sharp disconnect between the amount of growth in database environment complexity and the growth of data teams to offset that complexity,” said Heidi Farris, chief marketing officer at IDERA. “We’ve always known data professionals consistently must do more with less, but we also thought policy makers and budget owners understood the importance of data to their businesses and would invest appropriately. Clearly, that isn’t the case.”

For more information, or to download the entire report, visit: Database Lifecycle Management 2016 Survey.


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