IDERA Announces Latest SQL BI Manager Release

Product update provides a comprehensive view of Microsoft Business Intelligence stack in an intuitive monitoring interface

HOUSTON, TX – June 6, 2016 – IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today announced a new release of SQL BI Manager is now available. The updated product is the only Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) solution that provides an end-to-end view of performance data across the full stack of BI services. Combining SQL BI Manager with SQL Diagnostic Manager, IDERA now covers the full MSBI stack including the data warehouse, ETL and the reporting platform.

Prior to this release, no single tool could monitor the entire MSBI stack, so Microsoft SQL Server users custom-built their own interfaces which required continuous maintenance. Additionally, DBAs and BI professionals had to understand the relationships between the services, and the queries, to understand what information to pull into a homegrown interface.

“IDERA has figured out how to help Microsoft Business Intelligence professionals, DBAs and BI developers. With the newest release of SQL BI Manager, users are now able to record system and service metrics that otherwise have to be logged manually,” said Thomas LeBlanc, independent BI consultant and IDERA ACE. “With visibility into the entire stack, as opposed to one service in the stack, SQL BI Manager combined with SQL Diagnostic Manager is a powerhouse solution that will save DBAs and BI professionals countless hours.”

SQL BI Manager provides a comprehensive collaboration interface that allows DBAs and BI professionals to identify and fix issues across teams and the MSBI stack. This latest release features an updated user interface that offers more relational performance insights and makes navigation more intuitive. Additionally, SQL BI Manager allows for direct drill down into SSIS packages to identify performance issues and package failures at the task level as well as historical package performance over time. As a result, SQL BI Manager’s value extends beyond just DBAs in charge of monitoring the database. It is also useful to BI developers, BI architects and ETL developers who are responsible for monitoring and development on the BI platforms.

“As a former DBA and BI architect focused on business intelligence, I know first-hand the importance of being able to monitor the performance and relationship between the services running in SSAS, SSIS and SSRS,” said Stan Geiger, product manager at IDERA. “SQL BI Manager keeps BI professionals happy by providing a comprehensive view in one simple tool.”

SQL BI Manager also features:

  • Server Performance Statistics to provide visibility and alerting capabilities for disk, CPU and memory performance of each server running SSIS, SSRS or SSAS.
  • SSAS metrics that cover MDX/DAX query performance, active user sessions and user statistics, as well as historical performance data to illuminate potential issues with the analysis server. Additionally, SQL BI Manager supports all tabular and dimensional cube performance metrics for query processing.
  • SSIS metrics which allow for alerts on failed packages across the SSIS environment as well as track historical data on package performance.
  • SSRS metrics to track performance over time, identify which users or reports are resource hogs and allow configurable actionable alerts.

For more information, visit: SQL BI Manager


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