IDERA Announces GA of SQL Workload Analysis Product

Solution provides granular performance analysis of SQL Server workloads in a simple, easy-to-use package

HOUSTON, TX – September 01, 2016 – IDERA today announced the general availability of its SQL Workload Analysis product that provides database administrators (DBAs) deep insight into database performance and the applications that depend on it. SQL Workload Analysis is provided with the company’s new SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro product and is available as an add-on to IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager customers.

SQL Workload Analysis complements SQL Diagnostic Manager with continuous lightweight sampling of all SQL transactions combined with a simple browser user interface for detailed transaction analysis. All dimensions of SQL performance are exposed on a single screen and drill-down to root causes can be accomplished in a few mouse clicks. The product also helps non-DBAs identify how applications are running and where they may be creating bottlenecks in the database.

“The launch of SQL Workload Analysis provides a critical tool that will help customers ensure optimal application performance,” said Scott Stone, group product manager at IDERA. “With SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro, SQL Workload Analysis combines extensive database resource monitoring with deep, easy-to-use performance analysis and recommendations to help you solve any issues that might come up. It’s like having an additional MVP DBA on your team.”

“IDERA SQL Workload Analysis makes my job a lot easier by digesting information from SQL Diagnostic Manager and helping me resolve database issues,” says Rick Laufer, SQL DBA at Employ Bridge, one of the largest specialty staffing suppliers in the country. “When providing tuning recommendations like adding an index, I’m always asked, ‘What queries will that help?’ With SQL Workload Analysis, I can answer that question and provide percentage performance increases. And that makes my boss happy.”

IDERA SQL Workload Analysis capabilities include:

  • Detailed wait state analysis for applications and transactions
  • Multi-faceted dashboard with drill-down into top wait categories, SQL statements, applications, databases, machines and logins
  • Automatic analysis of query plans for faster tuning
  • Integration with the Common Web Framework and Diagnostic Manager for streamlined problem analysis and resolution

SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro is a powerful performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics solution that proactively notifies administrators to health, performance or availability problems within their SQL Server environment via a central console, web-based dashboard or mobile device.

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