New Idera SQL Elements Automatically Discovers and Tracks Enterprise-wide SQL Server Inventory And Health In Under Five Minutes 

Automatic Inventory, Continuous Server Discovery, Daily Health Checks, and Alerts Deliver Summary Views of an Entire SQL Server Environment

HOUSTON – OCTOBER 15, 2013 – Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today announced the introduction of SQL Elements — a new product in its line of award-winning SQL Server solutions. SQL Elements addresses the need to manage growing SQL Server deployments by providing a simple and efficient way to holistically discover and explore the server environment. With SQL Elements, DBAs and IT departments gain functionality such as inventory management, continuous server discovery, and daily health checks of all SQL Server instances. In addition, SQL Elements is first to market with a single dashboard presenting a summary view of the entire SQL Server environment. 

 Idera will demonstrate SQL Elements at SQL PASS Summit from October 15-18 in Charlotte, NC. To gain early access, visit

In a recent customer survey conducted by Idera, more than 80% of administrators identified exponential SQL Server growth as a key challenge. Another 60% acknowledged that users deploy SQL Servers without DBA or IT knowledge. Today, administrators need a simple and efficient way to discover and explore the entire server environment, not just deep dive visibility on a few servers. “With the number of SQL Servers continuing to grow, managing that inventory, to determine which servers need maintenance or attention, is a challenge,” said Josh Stephens, VP of Product Strategy at Idera. “We designed SQL Elements to be the quickest, simplest, and least expensive way to track and manage an entire SQL environment at a glance.”

Idera SQL Elements provides an enterprise-wide view of all SQL Servers, through automated discovery, as well as simple, actionable information about the state of those servers. Its intuitive web-based UI requires a simple sign-on to use remotely. Plus, it scales with growth, and is capable of supporting the entire server environment, including DEV, PROD, QA and SQL Express instances. 

SQL Elements provides server discovery and inventory management out of the box, with minimal configuration. Upon setup, the software discovers and counts existing databases and determines if they are being backed up, and provides availability monitoring and advisory notifications to help manage server workload.

Idera SQL Elements key features include:
  • Inventory View — SQL Elements automatically discovers the inventory of SQL Servers across the entire server environment, with a dashboard view delivering high-level visibility of server inventory to assess server management quality and suggest corrective actions
  • Continuous Server Discovery — SQL Elements performs routine, daily scans across the network to find newly added servers and databases, including servers that were previously unaccounted for
  • Alerting — Provides simple email alerts when instances or databases become unresponsive, and alerts on drive space capacity issues
  • Health Checks & Action Items — Performs daily health checks of the server environment to gauge performance and adherence to best practices, and displays findings in a simple, actionable list
  • Expert Advice — Provides recommendations for improvements, in straightforward language, from SQL Server experts, with built-in context sensitive tips to assist in interpreting the information
  • Lightweight Architecture — Agent-less, low-impact design enables download, install and use in under five minutes, with no required integration with monitored servers

Pricing and Availability
Idera’s SQL Elements is available in private beta beginning October 15, 2013. To join the beta visit Customers can get 40% off of list price throughout the beta period.

About Idera
Idera is a leading provider of application and server management solutions. Idera provides a wide variety of application performance management products including solutions for Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint. Idera also provides award-winning server backup solutions for both managed service providers and enterprise customers.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Idera is a Microsoft Managed Partner and has over 12,000 customers worldwide. Contact Idera at +1-713-523-4433 or visit for free trials, free tools and more information.


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