Application and Server Management

SP DM - Creating alert responses

How to create alert responses in SP diagnostic manager


Using Sharepoint Diagnostic Manager, you can configure automated responses based on performance threshold been exceeded on your environment. Metrics are broken down to different bands and for this demonstration we'll look at the IIS details specifically. The first thing we can look at is the e-mail conflicts settings able at send them reply details, SMTP servers and any necessary authentication credentials. In the alert responses section, you cannot any response to create a new rule, give that rule a name and any descriptive information you choose and then we can dictate specifically when that alert is going to be triggered. From the performance metrics option, he can choose the monitor to everything or just specific metrics either individually or by group. Likewise for the object scope, in this case where we’ll gonna monitor the metrics for single server but we could choose to see easily select multiple servers and even additional pages. Finally, we can select the method of response, in this case we gonna send an e-mail so we just need to provide e-mail addresses and any distribution as we want to sent to and we can even add additional responses in the same alert. For additional information, please head to and look out for other training videos in our virtual education series.