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Datasheet : Model Hadoop Hive for the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
This solution brief provides insights on data modeling for the Hadoop Hive database plaform. Learn more about how ER/Studio can help.
Solution Brief : MongoDB Data Modeling with ER/Studio
This solution brief provides insights on data modeling for the MongoDB document database plaform. Learn more about how ER/Studio c...
Webcast : A Medical Data Warehouse Model
Join IDERA and Michael Blaha as he walks you through how he built a large data warehouse with the medical data for a large hospital.
Webcast : The Model Enterprise: A Blueprint for Enterprise Data Governance
Join IDERA and Ron Huizenga as he discusses a practical, model-based approach to enterprise data governance, with a focus on Maste...
Infographic : Establish a Data Governance Foundation with ER/Studio
ER/Studio can help you control your data and demonstrate compliance for your data governance and regulatory initiatives.
Infographic : Data Modeling and Collaboration with ER/Studio
This infographic provides insights on data modeling and collaboration for business and data professionals. Learn more about how ER...
Webcast : SQL Server Data Modeling Best Practices
In this webinar, you will have a solid understanding on how you can design a data model that will take advantage of your infrastru...
Whitepaper : Make the Most of Your Metadata
In this whitepaper, learn how to enhance enterprise knowledge sharing by using collaborative metadata for structure, content and s...
Video : Agile Change Management for Data Modelers with ER/Studio Data Architect
Data modelers need the ability to manage data model changes and align them with tasks and user stories established in an agile dev...
Video : Data Modeling Techniques for Teradata Users
Designing an optimal data model for a data warehouse involves multiple factors. This 10-minute video describes data modeling consi...
Webcast : Put Together the Pieces of your Data Model Puzzle
In this webinar, you will see how you can take full advantage of the corporate data by learning a common structure with integrated...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Does Data Modeling Have Business Value?
Join IDERA and Joy Ruff for a webinar to learn why data modeling matters for building your enterprise architecture.
Video : Data Modeling for MongoDB with ER/Studio Data Architect
Learn how a tool that handles relational DB modeling models NoSQL. In this video, we reverse engineer and create data models for M...
Video : Data Modeling for Hadoop Hive with ER/Studio Data Architect
Watch this short video to learn how ER/Studio Data Architect will let you easily create dimensional data models and important meta...
Video : How to Forward Engineer Data Model Changes in ER/Studio Data Architect
Learn how to forward engineer data model changes to a database by creating database alter scripts. ER/Studio Data Architect helps ...
Video : Compare and Merge Utility in ER/Studio Data Architect
ER/Studio Data Architect can easily identify differences between the physical model and the database. Learn how to ensure consiste...
Video : Create and Use Submodels with ER/Studio Data Architect
With submodels, you can organize a logical model into smaller units, making large models easier to manage. Learn how to make data ...
Whitepaper : Is your Data Modeling Workflow Agile or Fragile?
In this whitepaper, Karen Lopez provides 10 tips and discusses ways for data modelers to work with sprint-focused agile developmen...
Whitepaper : 7 Steps Every Successful Data Architect Follows to Build Stronger Teams
In this whitepaper learn about seven key steps data architects can take to ensure a collaborative team environment.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Agile Data Management vs. Agile Data Modeling
This webinar will explore the merits of both sides of the argument and will discuss the technical manifestations of Agile (namely ...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - You’ve Just Inherited a Data Model – Now What?
Learn the important next steps you MUST take before working with a new data model.
Whitepaper : Agile Data Modeling: Not an Option, but Essential
In this whitepaper learn about the key requirements for agile data modeling.
Whitepaper : Modern Data Architecture
In this paper, learn the differences and similarities between data warehouse architectures and Big Data technologies.
Whitepaper : The ROI of Data Modeling
This whitepaper explains how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of data modeling by assessing the economic value of real ...
Solution Brief : Enterprise Data Modeling: 7 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
In this solution brief learn about seven common mistakes that organizations can make in developing enterprise data models.
Solution Brief : 5 Things Data Architects Need to Know About Better Collaboration with Business
This solution brief provides insights on collaboration considerations to help you achieve harmony in your organization.
Case Study : TalkTalk Improved Cross-Organization Communication and Productivity
TalkTalk deployed ER/Studio to improve communication and productivity across their organization. Read about the results they achieved.
Case Study : NTT DATA Relies on ER/Studio for Database Collaboration and Design Quality
NTT DATA implemented a dedicated server for ER/Studio licenses to deploy the tool across multiple teams and development sites. Rea...
Case Study : dir systèmes Improves Data Warehouses with ER/Studio and DBArtisan
Consulting firm develops data warehouses for BI solutions using ER/Studio for data modeling and DBArtisan for administration. Lear...
Whitepaper : Ensuring a Sustainable Architecture for Data Analytics
Learn about insights on the three analytical environments of an Extended Data Warehouse Architecture (XDW).

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