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Model and understand the relationships between people, processes, and data

ER/Studio Business Architect is a business process and conceptual modeling tool that enables business stakeholders to collaborate with data professionals to document business processes to achieve corporate goals, using the BPMN 2.0 standard. They can map and model the relationships between people, processes, and data for a robust business architecture.

Why ER/Studio Business Architect?

ER/Studio Business Architect simplifies how business stakeholders and data architects document their business processes and how those processes impact enterprise data, to align with business goals and regulatory requirements. The Business Architect tool provides a focused set of features for establishing a business architecture, offering deep functionality for conceptual modeling, business process modeling, and capturing the connections between process and data. Bringing together the simplicity of a drawing tool with the rich semantics of the BPMN 2.0 standard, business users can easily model the relationships between people, processes, and data with Business Architect.

Product Highlights

  • Design business process and conceptual models to align with business goals
  • Map and model the relationships between people, processes, and data
  • Easily export conceptual models to ER/Studio Data Architect to create logical models
  • Quickly validate that business process models meet BPMN 2.0 specifications
  • Comply with regulatory requirements by identifying sensitive data elements

Key Benefits

Develop a business architecture framework

Develop a comprehensive business architecture by defining business processes and activities that identify your organizational goals and the data that must be collected, organized, protected and distributed via people, applications and technology. Improve your organizational efficiency with transparency in your business structure and processes to reduce disconnects between departments and systems. ER/Studio Business Architect provides you the tools to enable your teams to easily define and visualize your business rules, processes, and procedures to establish and define the way they run the business.

Describe how your organization does business

Document how your company uses data and align your processes to meet business objectives. Create conceptual models to show the high-level visual representation of an organization, and share them with key stakeholders. Map and model the relationships between processes, people and data to provide visibility into the business. ER/Studio Business Architect can access the scalable model repository for sharing business process and conceptual models across the organization.

Drive the business value of data

Encourage collaboration and break down silos between business and IT stakeholders by publishing conceptual models to Team Server. Align business goals with regulatory requirements to enable a foundation for data governance and improve compliance to audits. Increase visibility of organizational processes and data usage to identify gaps in your processes through BPMN-compliant process modeling.

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