Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

A Large Federal Agency Maximizes Efficiency with IDERA SQL Products


A large federal agency had more than 10,000 databases spread across 300+ SQL Servers, this federal agency’s IT services support critical responsibilities and must be responsive and effective at all times. The organization has ten highly-trained DBAs, but in order to maximize efficiency and focus time and efforts on strategic goals, the agency wanted to implement a comprehensive suite of tools across its database environment to provide monitoring, alerting, safe backups, compliance tracking and more.


The agency conducted careful evaluations of third party backup tools and chose IDERA SQL Safe Backup after determining it consistently out-performed all other solutions. SQL Safe Backup helps this organization save time and space, reduce failures, automate processes and instantly restore lost data. It also provides a web-based dashboard which provides at-a-glance views of top issues.

The organization later added IDERA Diagnostic Manager for monitoring and alerting; SQL Inventory Manager, which has become one of the first tools the team launches each morning; SQL Defrag Manager, which simplifies daily operations through index maintenance; SQL Virtual Database to quickly attach a backup and recover a single object; SQL Compliance Manager to satisfy the organization’s security team and auditors; SQL Secure to set up baselines and report on vulnerabilities; and SQL Admin Tool Kit, which makes moving databases between servers, copying log-ons and cloning seamless.


IDERA’s database lifecycle management solutions allow this federal agency’s DBAs to do more with less so they can design better, build faster and effectively serve the citizens of the United States. IDERA’s SQL solutions free up the team from writing their own scripts, allowing them to be proactive and focus on higher priority tasks.

The benefits have been widespread, including:

  • SQL Safe backup has improved compression rates from 68% to 85%
  • The reporting features in Diagnostic Manager provide quick overviews and the ability to answer management’s questions in the moment
  • SQL Inventory Manager auto discovery immediately discovers new SQL Servers and allows the team to quickly track down and tag owners
  • SQL Defrag Manager simplified the team’s lives with index maintenance and has shocked management with the thorough details available
  • SQL Virtual Database has been a major time and money saver as the DBAs no longer have to request additional storage from the storage team
  • SQL Compliance Manager provides in-depth details and allows the team to report critical information such as invalid logins and who accessed or changed specific data, as well as identify compromised data

“Many years ago after careful evaluation with other third party backup tools, we chose SQL Safe due to its top-notch performance. Today we use many of IDERA’s tools in our environment and I can’t imagine life without them. The tools we have allow us as a group to be much more efficient, proactive and relaxed. IDERA is our 11th DBA—it’s always on call and never sleeps—but I do and I now have a life outside of work too.” – DBA Team Manager with U.S. Federal Agency.

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