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Leverage Cloud Migration for System and Process Renovation

Author: IDERA

Organizations with a reliance on an on-premises data warehouse appliance will find it difficult to scale in line with increasing demand for reporting, business intelligence, and analytics. Because of this, there is a growing trend in successful data-driven enterprises migrating data and applications to the cloud.

Through cloud migration, organizations can modernize their enterprise data architecture and enjoy the many benefits of cloud computing services. However, it is important that organizations have a solid understanding of the challenges of cloud migration.

While the “lift and shift” approach may provide short-term value, ultimately it does not afford the opportunity to refactor old processes and bring them up to date. A considered approach to cloud migration provides an opportunity to rethink what your business processes are and how the data and applications support those processes. This provides the perfect opportunity to modernize how your organization’s applications meet the current and future business process requirements.

In this paper, David Loshin covers:

  • The future: hybrid multicloud data architectures
  • Cloud migration challenges
  • Why “lift and shift” is flawed
  • Cloud Migration as an opportunity for renovation and modernization

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Topics : Cloud Databases,Data Modeling,

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