Whitepaper : The Adaptive SQL Server DBA

  • Evolution of DBA Role
  • Are DBA Becoming Obsolete?
  • DBA Organization Hierarchy

Author: Scott Stone

This whitepaper reviews the evolution of SQL DBA roles over time and takes a look at SQL DBA organizational hierarchy.

Data is more important than ever to business success. Data is the key asset to many modern businesses and when the management and mining of that data for business intelligence is your business’ core competency, you cannot afford to totally outsource oversight and control of that key asset to a faceless vendor. As time progressed and SQL Server gradually pushed its way into the enterprise application world with each new release, so did the specialization of DBAs in large organizations. Many SQL Server DBAs in particular are being thrown into the position as an afterthought, often after a crisis of some sort convinced the corporate leaders that SQL Server was not as self-managing as they imagined. And in those cases there are lots of lone rangers out there.

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