Geek Sync Webcast : A Lean Approach To Application Performance Monitoring

Presenter: Ernest Mueller

You know that the state of your systems is effectively invisible unless you monitor them. But there are so many types of monitoring you can use that it’s easy to spend a lot of time and money setting up tools that may or may not be solving your most critical needs.

In this Geek Sync presentation, Ernest Mueller, application performance product manager at Idera, walks us through the steps on how to start light with monitoring necessities and how to iterate into more complex things. He will explain what things are most important to instrument first and how to generate your own roadmap to a full monitoring implementation.

Speaker: Ernest Mueller is a product manager for Idera’s APM products in Austin, TX. In his 20 years in IT he’s been a developer, system administrator, and IT/engineering manager in companies ranging from large enterprises to established SaaS businesses to startups. He runs conferences (DevOpsDays Austin), organizes user groups (CloudAustin), and speaks and blogs ( on cloud technologies, Agile, monitoring, security, and DevOps.

Topics : Database Diagnostics,Database Performance,

Products :

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