Keeping your database healthy can be an overwhelming and time-consuming job. But SQL Doctor gives you a fast and easy way to stay in shape and tunes performances for queries, security and backup. SQL Doctor diagnoses issues with SQL Server instances. It prescribes tested solutions for correcting bottlenecks. And it delivers the cure in minutes instead of hours. SQL Doctor’s prescriptions are both proven best practices and executable SQL scripts for implementing them. To keep your system thriving.

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IDERA SQL Doctor helps DBAs to quickly identify SQL Server performance problems such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, and much more and provides tuning recommendations for resolving those problems. What would normally take a DBA hours – collecting performance information, analyzing it, and determining the resolution – can be accomplished by SQL Doctor in minutes!

SQL Doctor helps you save time by analyzing the most troublesome queries without having to wait for a full analysis to complete. By simply click a button, SQL Doctor is able to run an analysis on your specific query and provides you with recommendations on the performance of the query without actually executing it. SQL Doctor is able to provide executable scripts of the recommendations that can be reviewed and implemented right away directly from the GUI. Learn More →

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