Performance matters when it comes to keeping your business data environment running. Your database is only as good as its performance and availability. So you need to be able to spot problems and bottlenecks from slow servers to broken queries. And most importantly, you’ve got to be able to fix those problems, fast. Get the power of diagnostics and expert solutions with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server from IDERA and keep your enterprise ahead of the pack.

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Value of SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that proactively alerts administrators to health, performance, or availability problems within their SQL Server environment. It allows DBAs to discover potential and existing problems, analyze the state of their SQL Server enterprise, and generate reports. Using a unique agent-less architecture, it gathers diagnostic information in real time, keeping database administrators and managers informed by providing customized alerts. Learn More →

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