In this video, learn how to manage projects in Rapid SQL. Discover how to create a new project and learn about initialization options (from a database, existing file, or version control). Then learn about the wizard options and how to complete the project setup. This video also demonstrates how to work with the project including Build Order, creating new Subfolders, adding files and objects, working with version control, updating project properties, and more.

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How To Manage Projects in Rapid SQL

In this video, discover how to create a new project in Rapid SQL and learn about initialization options, how to complete project setup, and how to work with the project.

IDERA Rapid SQL is the intelligent SQL IDE empowering database developers and DBAs to create high-performing SQL code on all major DBMSs from a single interface. This toolset simplifies SQL scripting, query building, object management, debugging and version control while gaining instant insights on performance expectations. Rapid SQL gives you the ability to construct complex SQL statements with point-and-click ease using the Visual Query Builder.

The integrated SQL Debugger lets you debug SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions, finding coding errors and improving productivity. Rapid SQL’s single interface lets developers work across database platforms so organizations can standardize on one solution and maximize database development efficiency.

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