This is Robert Vandervoort with IDERA Software. Today we are going to talk about the IDERA Dashboard. The IDERA Dashboard serves as a web interface for all of our products. Not only is it a web interface. It is also a convergence point for those products. From the main dashboard view, you can see widgets across the different products that you have purchased and installed on the dashboard. Such as SQL Business Intelligence Manager, SQL Inventory Manager, and SQL Diagnostic Manager. Those widgets will be displayed on the main dashboard view and are configurable. You can move the widgets where you would like to see them. Change column sizes. Add or remove widgets as you see fit. So on these would just not only display the information to you in an easy-to-understand format. They also click right through into the application that has providing the information such a SQL Diagnostic Manager. Clicking on an instant alert brings us right to that spot within SQL Diagnostic Managers web console. To show us more information about the issue displayed. Clicking on an alert brings up more information about the alert. If I wanted to see more information about the instance, I can click right through to the instance. The dashboard also provides administration functions not only for customizing your dashboard views. But also deciding what users have access to. The dashboard and the products that are on the dashboard. As you can see here. Users and groups can be added. And their access rights managed right here from the dashboard. In the future, the dashboard will serve as a discovery point for all of your SQL Server instances. This will facilitate adding these instances to your other IDERA products. I hope this video is served as a good overview of the IDERA Dashboard. One more questions. Get in touch with your account manager or technical sales professional center. Thanks and have a great day.


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