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New in ER/Studio 19.2: JSON and Hierarchical Models

ER/Studio 19.2 delivers a novel approach to modeling hierarchical structures such as documentbased NoSQL platforms and file formats, with support for MongoDB and JSON instance and schema files. This allows ER/Studio clients to extend their enterprise data management practices to include developer roles building MongoDB and JSON.

Improvements to ER/Studio Data Architect 19.2 appear in the following areas:

  • Improved support for MongoDB
  • – Support for MongoDB 4.4

  • New platform support for JSON files which extends the market for ER/Studio
  • – Import and file generation
    – Support JSON instance and schema files

  • Support for hierarchical models for MongoDB and JSON
  • – Better visualization of hierarchical structures with rolledup views
    – Improved rapid creation of hierarchical structures through keyboard entry
    – Enhanced generation of hierarchical models from logical models
    – Optimized compare and merge between logical and physical hierarchical models
    – Refined creation of logical models from physical hierarchical models

Improvements to ER/Studio Team Server and Repository 19.2 appear in the following areas:

  • Data catalog
  • – New user interface that allows clients to build an organized list of data assets and attach data models to them.That provides a businessfriendly data catalog that supports a data governance project and provides additional value of data models.

  • Repository performance improvements for Oracle Database
  • – We have improved the performance for large numbers of models in the repository, improving the customer experience for those clients running Team Server on Oracle.

  • Collibra integration
  • – Support for model attachments to be mapped to Collibra properties and added the ability to publish entity-to-table relationships to Collibra. This increases the contribution to the data governance project of data architects.
    – Also many quality improvements to the Collibra integration.

Watch this video to see ER/Studio 19.2 in action.

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ER/Studio Data Architect helps your organization and technical stakeholders map your complex data landscape, building a solid foundation for data governance.

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