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New in ER/Studio 19.1.1: WhereScape Integration

ER/Studio Team Server 19.1.1 provides integration with WhereScape as part of our data fabric offering. This is our mission to make the flow of data, in analytics, from source to consumer as efficient and well-governed as possible.

Improvements to ER/Studio Team Server and Repository 19.1.1 appear in the following areas:

  • WhereScape integration
  • – ER/Studio can now provide marked up models of data sources to WhereScape 3D to aid in the curation process and reduce the metadata gathering phase. The markup comes from logical data models and the business glossary and helps warehouse architects understand the meaning and context of data. That reduces the effort of collecting metadata for the warehouse architect, making the warehouse delivery process even more efficient.
    – The markup can drive automations that apply security to data in the warehouse. Data policies applied to business terms coming through ER/Studio integrating with Collibra can now drive these automations. This ensures that it protects sensitive, personal, and valuable data as an automatic process.

Watch this video to see ER/Studio 19.1.1 in action.

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