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What Is New in ER/Studio 19.3

IDERA’s ER/Studio 19.3 includes new platform support for Google BigQuery.

BigQuery is a serverless, cost-effective, and multicloud data warehouse designed to help turn big data into valuable business insights.

ER/Studio 19.3 provides the following features:

New Platform support for Google BigQuery to document and design BigQuery datasets

Support for BigQuery hierarchical structures

A revolutionary approach to hierarchical models built for MongoDB and JSON.

Quickly set repeatable denormalized nested structures in logical models.

Connect BigQuery models to enterprise logical data models for improved data management.

Connect BigQuery models to business terms to assist data governance projects.

Support for BigQuery features such as partitioning and clustering

Migrate from JSON, MongoDB, or a relational database to a nested BigQuery model in just a few clicks.

See ER/Studio 19.3 in action by watching this video.

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