Video : ER/Studio Team Server Core

ER/Studio Team Server Demonstration

ER/Studio Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning and context for enterprise data. Database professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata, and collaboration tools. The collaborative enterprise glossary of Team Server brings together the entire organization to foster improved metadata, business definitions, governance, compliance, and security policies. Online models showcase data relationships, while powerful search capabilities help users locate enterprise data with ease.

With Team Server, data consumers can:

  • Integrate effective data comprehension capabilities into daily workflows, delivering context and meaning to every user.
  • Enable collaboration around data among teams across business units or business functions.
  • Support corporate compliance initiatives by driving responsible use of sensitive or private data.
  • Data modeling professionals can use Team Server to:
  • Integrate the business definitions of the glossary with internal web assets to give on-the-fly business context with tool-tips and pop-ups.
  • Create a single registry of all available data sources.
  • Adhere to industry regulations and business standards for security and privacy, by alerting users who view or change sensitive data within the tools.
  • And Team Server allows data management professionals and developers to:
    • Develop applications faster by using business terms to locate data elements.
    • Check access to and use of business glossaries and associated functions to understand immediate data management requirements.

This 15-minute video demonstrates how ER/Studio Team Server enables collaboration between IT and business users for visibility and modifications to data models and metadata. See how quickly and easily information can be shared and tasks can be tracked in Team Server.

Topics : Data Governance,Data Modeling,Enterprise Architecture,Metadata,

Products : ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition,

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition is the leading business-driven data architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modeling, business process modeling, and enterprise metadata for organizations of all sizes. With an extensive feature set, the ER/Studio suite provides robust logical and physical modeling with ER/Studio Data Architect, business process and conceptual modeling with ER/Studio Business Architect, business glossaries with ER/Studio Team Server, and more, to build the foundation for data governance programs. 

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