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Create and Use Submodels

A sub-model of a data model is a smaller, more focused model that represents a subset of data within a larger model. It is a model within a model. Submodels can break down complex data models into more manageable parts, making it easier to analyze and understand the data. Submodels are a useful tool for data modelers to create more focused and manageable data models, improve data analysis, and make it easier to communicate complex data relationships with stakeholders.
Data modelers create and use submodels to represent a subset of data within a larger model that has a specific purpose or function. This allows for greater flexibility in analyzing data and can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of data models. Submodels provide a more focused view of the data while still allowing for analysis of the larger dataset.
Watch this video to explore submodels and how they benefit the data modeling process.

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ER/Studio Data Architect provides unique capabilities including universal mappings, business data objects, and agile change management that help data professionals to map, describe, and audit their data models. With an extensive feature set, ER/Studio Data Architect offers superior data modeling for single- and multi-platform environments. 

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