Server monitoring.

– | paid | free

setup | 10-second install; no other setup required | “easy” install = 20 minutes; can take days or weeks

resolution | updates every 15 seconds | updates every 1 to 5 minutes

simplicity | unified dashboard, real-time graphs, charts, reports | unattractive GUI [graphical user interface], difficult to use

maintenance costs | no ongoing maintenance costs | ongoing maintenance costs including work, system, and time expenses

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Products : SQL Safe Backup,

Free vs. Paid Monitoring Solutions

Find and fix SQL Server performance problems on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor queries and query plans to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks. View expert recommendations to optimize performance. Alert predictively with settings to avoid false alerts. View summary of top issues and alerts. Monitor Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for SQL Server. Learn More →

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