Datasheet : SQL Performance Suite

Monitor and manage performance of SQL Server

Why SQL Performance Suite

Reduced availability and performance of SQL Server can severely impact the business-critical applications that it supports. Access to reliable, real-time information on the status and health of the complete environment is essential, along with diagnostic tools to quickly pinpoint and resolve performance issues. In addition, problematic SQL Server agent jobs can slow performance, cause added downtime, and result in data loss. Yet managing jobs across multiple servers and instances is difficult.

To solve this challenge, IDERA has assembled vital SQL Server tools together in one suite to address the critical needs of database administrators. The SQL Performance Suite contains full licenses to SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro and SQL Enterprise Job Manager. The first year of standard technical support is included. And when you buy as a bundle, you can save almost 40% versus buying each product separately.

Read this datasheet to learn more about SQL Performance Suite, including key use cases and key benefits.

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