Database Wait State Monitoring for SQL Server

SQL Workload Analysis

SQL Workload Analysis for SQL Server Product Tour

Monitored Instances : With the SQL Workload Analysis add-on for SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server, view entire SQL Server instances in real-time with continuous sampling and high granularity to display a high-level overview of the top waits, databases, SQL statements, logins, machines and programs for a selected time interval.

Top Databases : Quickly drill down using the single, intuitive, web-based dashboard into a selected instance to view for a selected time interval the top database activity and trends in real-time.

Top SQL Statements : View top SQL statements and their statistics including top accessed objects to isolate slow SQL statements, and receive tuning recommendations to improve the performance of applications.

Details of SQL Statements : Drill down further into a selected SQL statement to view heavy operators and analyze execution plans to troubleshoot problematic queries.

Top Tables : For a selected database, view the top tables and quickly drill down to view statistics, waits, table and index access, missing indexes, space allocation, top statements, and average I/O wait time to resolve locks, latches, and storage contention.

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(SQL Workload Analysis is an add-on to SQL Diagnostic Manager.)