SQL Server Compliance Monitoring

Audit SQL Server with SQL Compliance Manager

Proactively monitor, alert, and report on the compliance of Microsoft SQL Server with this comprehensive, industry-leading solution managing compliance in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

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Why SQL Compliance Manager?

SQL Compliance Manager significantly reduces the time and effort required for Database Administrators (DBAs) to configure regulatory and audit compliance settings within minutes instead of days or weeks. SQL Compliance Manager maximizes the productivity of DBAs and allows them to focus on their primary duties.

Auditing for the regulatory and organizational compliance of SQL Server is challenging. Difficulties include:

  • Complex database environments 
  • Multiple users with varying permissions 
  • Frequent and continuous system changes
  • Excessive events volume 
  • Significant auditing overhead impacting performance and resources 
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Cost control
  • Complicated and evolving compliance standards

SQL Compliance Manager is the industry-leading solution to audit SQL Server compliance, allowing for DBAs to monitor, alert, and report on compliance in hybrid environments from a single desktop.

SQL Compliance Manager Features & Benefits

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Audit for Regulatory Compliance

  • Capture all relevant information for regulations that require auditing of database activity.
  • Receive updates to incorporate changes in regulatory auditing standards.
  • Apply templates for common regulatory guidelines, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CIS, DISA STIG, FERPA, NERC, and SOX
  • Update configuration settings to create custom guidelines as defined by organizational standards.
  • Archival of data for long term audit data retention.

Audit Relevant Events at Varied Levels of Detail

  • Capture different event data at the level of servers, instances, databases, and database objects.
  • Apply audit settings at the server level so they apply across all databases for that server.
  • Audit activities for logins, administration, security, database definition and modification, and user-defined events.
  • Monitor data access, including the frequency and the amount of data.
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SQL Compliance Manager Alerts

Alert and Respond Only to Valid Compliance Issues

  • Turn off auditing for trusted users.
  • Refine what activity to track for privileged users.
  • Raise alerts and send notifications when potential compliance issues arise.
  • Configure alert rules with actions to take place when specific events occur.
  • Using alerts via SNMP or Event logs to integrate alert data with other third-party or SIEM solutions.

Build and Share Reports

  • Create audit reports from pre-defined templates for alerts, history, and configuration.
  • Customize audit reports from integrated templates or develop new reports.
  • Generate reports on the desktop console and via SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Use reports to establish compliance and analyze trends.
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Markus Hofmann

Database Administrator, HUK Coburg

SQL Compliance Manager is very easy to set up and use.

Andy Whallen

Database Administrator, TrialCard, Inc..

Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved much quicker analysis for regulatory compliance.

Ray Lidzy

Database Administrator, Community America Credit Union

Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved speedy reporting and self-reporting.

SQL Compliance Manager Works For...


  • Audit with real-time monitoring over many servers and databases.
  • Comprehensive auditing of database events and data changes with minimal overhead.
  • Grant read-only auditor privileges to check alerts, self-audit, and publish reports.
  • Guarantee tamper-proof auditing with an immutable repository.
  • Audit privileged users to ensure that organizations track all database access.


  • Deploy and configure easily across the environment, including scripted silent installations.
  • Collect only relevant data to reduce data collection, transmission, and storage overhead.
  • Compare custom audit configurations against regulation guidelines to verify that settings are compliant.
  • Compare before and after data from inserts, updates, and deletions.
  • Avoid losing audit data during system failure with support for replicas.

Single Users

  • Add new instances and databases to the auditing list automatically.
  • Apply pre-configured regulatory compliance templates.
  • Define and apply default configuration settings at the server and database level.
  • Discover sensitive column data that needs to be audited.
  • Issue alerts based on defined rules for events, status, and data changes.