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Comprehensive data modeling toolkit combining data management and governance for optimal enterprise efficiency. Control, understand, and increase the awareness of your data. 


Why ER/Studio?

Accelerate direction and efficiency, turning months of work into hours. 

In the intricate realm of data, IDERA ER/Studio is your team’s MVP for new asset design and development projects. Our comprehensive solution seamlessly bridges business language and technology, while offering a data management framework crucial for supporting cutting-edge data architecture.

With ER/Studio, your data architects can effortlessly navigate technical intricacies, prioritizing information management. It empowers your team to:

  • Manage data across complex IT environments by properly understanding metadata.
  • Utilize enterprise data models for standardization, reducing risk and improving interoperability.
  • Foster robust information governance and data stewardship.
  • Experience automation, modeling, and structural efficiency.
Customers Who Trust ER/Studio
Take a Byte Out of Data Modeling

ER/Studio provides structure, connects the dots, and helps manage your way around without hassle or confusion (all while protecting important data).

Enterprise Data Architecture

Scale your organization with a business-driven architecture.

  • Strengthen your data foundation with existing asset discovery and documentation.
  • Improve integration and interoperability through concept standardization.
  • Ensure organizational requirements are delivered using business-friendly models.

“ER/Studio provides us with a robust methodology
for creating data models and the ability to quickly generate physical data models when changes are required.”

Aaron Hanks
IT Director, Smith and Nephew

Data Governance

Answer your data questions confidently with superior data lineage.

  • Kickstart your governance program with ontologies of terms from your data models.
  • Connect data architecture and governance teams via integrations.
  • Identify sensitive data objects to comply with regulatory requirements.

“ER/Studio’s ease of use and superior security interface were big factors in our decision. Accolade has a strong focus in healthcare, and protecting personal health information is of paramount importance. ER/Studio provided time savings in configuring the database to protect highly confidential data.”

Lorraine Knerr
Vice President of Data Management, Accolade, Inc.

Centralized Communications

Manage and share data models across the enterprise.

  • Supervise versions of data models in a secure centralized repository.
  • Collaborate on global business glossary terms and definitions for consistency.
  • Browse data through the business glossary, the enterprise data model, or a data dictionary.

“With ER/Studio, we improved communication across distributed teams with more effective reporting and publishing of data models and metadata.”

Mark Underwood
Second Vice President of Business Intelligence, Protective Life

Don’t Let Your Data Slow You Down

Over 50% of customers use ER/Studio to manually build their data warehouses. Keep pace with your ambitions so you can break free from data bottlenecks.

ER/Studio Enterprise-Level Data Modeling Toolkit

ER/Studio’s enterprise scale solution for data architecture encompasses Data Architect for logical and physical data modeling, and Team Server for model
publishing, collaboration, and data governance.

Data Architect


Logical and Physical Data Modeling

  • Business friendly graphical models communicate requirements
  • Standardized naming terms and data definitions
  • Science-focused, built-in wizards
  • Controlled change through compare and merge tools
  • Capture business metadata to support design and audits
  • Model relational databases, file formats, and hierarchical structures (such as JSON) through a single user interface

Team Server

Connecting The Enterprise

  • Integration with data governance tools like Collibra
  • Version control
  • Data model subscription for stakeholder access
  • Business Glossary
  • Classification of data models against business terms
  • Data catalog
  • Map project models to standardized models for an Enterprise Data Model

Build data models and achieve sustainable data governance with a single, comprehensive solution.

Getting Started in Data Modeling

Leverage ER/Studio’s Data Architect Desktop as a
standalone tool.

  • An intuitive interface
  • Forward and reverse engineer most popular data asset formats
  • Science-focused, built-in wizards alleviate technical task workloads
  • Capture requirements to your designs in business language
  • Document your data assets with business metadata


Effortless pairing between your favorite tools.

Publish data models with business term mappings to the Collibra data catalog tosupport data governance.

 Integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) metadata into ER/Studio with Silwood’s Safyr.

 Dramatically reduce time-to-market in your data warehouse with ER/Studio and Idera, Inc.’s WhereScape.

 Import metadata from a broad range of products with MetaIntegration Technology’s MetaWizard and Data Lineage bridges.

 Incorporate with Atlassian’s Jira for issue and project tracking, as well as changing management.

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Ensuring a Sustainable
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