Idera’s SQL Safe backup and recovery solution features IntelliRestore, an extremely useful feature that provides automated selection of backup archives to minimize errors during a pressure-packed emergency database recovery situation.

IntelliRestore significantly shortens recovery time in the event of data loss with the provision of easy-to-use, graphical point-in-time recovery based on a point-and-click sliding time scale. You just select a specific point in time and the system will automatically locate all the required backup components and complete all the necessary steps to restore the database to the particular point in time.

A database administrator can easily select which databases to recover, the recovery state, and the specific recovery point in time using the information stored in the SQL Safe repository. With IntelliRestore, all of the other steps of the backup restore operation are done automatically. SQL Safe scans and determines which backup archives are required to restore to the particular point in time, locates the archives on the disk, and applies them in the correct order to complete the restore.

IntelliRestore has been received enthusiastically by DBAs across the globe, as virtually all rave about how much time and effort Idera’s innovative tool saves them during emergency database recovery.