Hybrid Cloud SQL Server

Many businesses of all sizes today are deciding to expand from their own private cloud into the public cloud. This type of hybrid cloud approach gives you a more flexible IT infrastructure. With hybrid cloud, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, the security of your own private cloud and access to reasonably priced external IT resources when it makes sense for your business.

Hybrid Cloud SQL Server makes it possible for you to give your business access to the public cloud without sacrificing any of the security and convenience you enjoy with your private cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 was designed to allow enterprises to operate in hybrid cloud environments, and SQL Server 2014 takes this process to its logical conclusion. SQL Server 2014 includes a number of hybrid cloud-related features to make is simpler and easier to extend your on-premises database environment to the cloud.

A hybrid cloud built with SQL server lets you move workloads from your datacenter to a hosting service provider’s datacenter (such as Windows Azure), without disrupting current operations and allowing you to maintain complete visibility into network infrastructure. Hybrid cloud SQL server allows you to develop hybrid applications to leverage both on-premises and cloud resources. Furthermore, in a hybrid environment, you can access public cloud storage, backup, and recovery options easily and at a significantly reduced cost.