Acceleration in an information technology context means improving the performance of a specific application, process or task. Many software companies provide various types of solutions designed to accelerate the performance of servers and databases.

Idera provides a complete suite of acceleration tools for your SQL Server databases. Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager, SQL Doctor and SQL Defrag Manager are designed to help you diagnose and repair issues that are slowing down the performance of your servers and databases. Eliminating problems such as limited disk space, not enough RAM, network issues or even viruses can dramatically accelerate system performance…making your users happy and making you look good.

SQL Diagnostic Manager — SQL DM is designed to keep your databases in the fast lane. Features include comprehensive performance monitoring for both physical and virtual SQL Servers, deep query analysis to help pin down long response times and resource consumption, history browsing to find and troubleshoot past issues and automated alerting with more than 100 pre-defined configurable alerts.

SQL Doctor — Idera’s SQL Doctor will monitor the health of your SQL server and offer suggestions to accelerate performance. Features include a dashboard that provides you with real-time  performance metrics,  a “Quick Findings” tool rapidly locate SQL performance issues, executable scripts for optimum performance, a broad range of expert recommendations to improve performance as well as a history of analysis recommendations.

SQL Defrag Manager — Index fragmentation can significantly slow down the performance of databases. With SQL Defrag manager, you can get the database acceleration you need. You can automate identification of index fragmentation “hot spots”, schedule index defragmentation tasks, minimize database contention by checking system resources in advance and almost eliminate page splits using index fill factor settings.