Relational Database Performance Monitoring for Multiple Platforms

Precise for Databases

Track the performance of application transactions into relational databases for multiple platforms from a single user interface

Compare Precise for Oracle to Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

IDERA relentlessly delivers the industry’s most complete solution for 24×7 Oracle performance monitoring, alerting, and analysis.

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IDERA Precise for Oracle Oracle® Enterprise Manager
Continuously Monitor & Respond to Health of Oracle Products & Services
Manage Health of Third-Party Services
Manage Oracle Products & Services other than Databases
Administer, Diagnose & Tune Multiple Databases
Automated Administration
Centralized Console for Single Point of Management
Dynamic Console with Drill In & Out
Customizable Console with Logical Administrative Groups
Autonomous Intelligent Agent
Distribute Software to Multiple Servers & Clients
Monitor Networked Services for Events
Comprehensive Alerting
Trend Alerts
History With Trending
need to run ADDM
Before & After Measurements
History Reporting
Group SQL Statements into Transactions to Align With Business Logic
SQL Statement Plan History with Change Journal
SQL Queries Tracked by Java Transaction
Show SQL Statements Related to Objects
Show Sub-optimal Parallel Execution
Problem Identification
Problem Isolation Dimensions (Program, User, Machine, etc.) 12+
Solution Recommendations with What-if Impact Analysis
Schedule Activities on Multiple Nodes at Varying Time Intervals
No Need to Activate Table/Index Tracking for Object Visibility
Multiple Administrator System
Easy-to-use Security
Required User Access to Precise only to Oracle instances
Does not Affect Production Database Performance
Scalability for Growing Distributed Environments
Run Integrated Third-party Applications & Tools
Edition Support Standard & Enterprise Enterprise

Discover Why IDERA is the Best Oracle Performance Monitoring Tool

Do not just stop with a centralized console for a single point of management, easy-to-use security, scalability for growing distributed environments, and running integrated third-party applications and tools as you will with Oracle Enterprise Monitoring. There are many essential capabilities administrators require that you can only get with IDERA Precise for Oracle.

Most solutions provide necessary monitoring capabilities. However, with IDERA you get much more. IDERA Precise for Oracle has before and after measurements, and history reporting built-in and at no additional charge.

Precise for Oracle has grouping of SQL statements into transactions, and viewing of sub-optimal parallel execution. IDERA’s solution also provides problem identification and user access limited to Precise only rather than Oracle instances, and does not affect production database performance.

Request a demonstration of IDERA Precise for Oracle right now and discover how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and contribute to making you a rock star administrator in your organization.

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Rick Reynolds, JD Edwards CNC/System Administrator, Europa Sports (Medium Enterprise, Wholesale Distribution), USA.
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