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There is something to be said for boastfulness. It is fun to read a caution on the uptime software web site that says, ‘up.time installs in minutes and works exactly as advertised. It is even more refreshing to find that there is really something to back it up. I hesitate to use the expression “best browser-based monitoring software” because those things are always bandied about in reviews to the point where they lose significance, but in this case that has to be said. I hope the following sections will do some justice to what an impressive product this is.

— Emmett Dulaney,

Idera has saved my job. The 8.5 upgrade with increased deadlock information has been instrumental to my role as a DBA.

— Hura Muccio, Kaybank

A couple of years ago, I finally decided to look at commercial offerings again (despite a bad experience with HP OpenView) and had the opportunity to use up.time. Once I set it up to monitor my systems, I didn’t have to deal with it. To quote a late-night infomercial, “set it and forget it”! I’m glad to report that the “configure it, forget about it” ease of use remains in the new release, and if anything, is easier to use.

— Bill Bradford, SunHelp

An excellent tool for monitoring just about any server platform you care to mention. up.time is, frankly, superb. Ridiculously easy to use, vast range of platforms supported, and addresses all the monitoring, reporting and alerting needs of the system manager. Buying advice: If you want a piece of software to monitor your servers and the services they run, don’t bother looking at any alternatives: buy this one.

— David Cartwright, TechWorld

We see a lot of products and are frequently asked to comment about user experience. In this case we’d have to say this is one of the best user interfaces for a multi-faceted product we’ve seen – every step has great pointers to minimize administrative effort. uptime software has some real thought into providing a cohesive cross-platform suite of management and monitoring software packaged as the up.time suite.

— XtraVirt,

The Cadillac of SQL Server monitoring. The best tool for the job.

— G. Rasco, St. Charles Healthcare

We are using SQL Diagnostic Manager. It’s a primary source for us to both provide visualization as well as metrics, Espically for I/O issues.

— G. Burnett, Crutchfield

I just used SQL DM to solve a serious performance issue. I was able to run a trace on a problem spied from the session details screen and identify a stored prod that needed to be recompiled

— Jeremy Odom, CHMB

Both Idera products we purchased, SQL compliance manager and admin toolset, are great!  With SQL compliance manager, we can easily identify any server-wide activities. And SQL admin toolset provides a central point of control for SQL Server databases change management across our information system. The central repository of change history ensures that change is managed effectively, efficiently, and accurately.

— Database Administrator, Engle Martin and Associates

SQL admin toolset has helped us roll out a completely new and innovative application that will support our entire business.  Using SQL admin toolset, we have been able to work with two separate development teams then quickly compare beta and development versions for changes.  We’ve also been able to quickly roll-back to previous versions as needed. If it wasn’t for Idera’s admin toolset, we would still be trying to get the application written!

— Senior Database Administrator, Risk Exchange, FirstComp Insurance

Ensuring compliance with our internal audit standards provides a way to model our compliance after federal regulations which is critical to operations. SQL compliance manager ensures that we have a complete audit trail of all access and updates to our aircraft maintenance data, and makes it easy for us to provide comprehensive compliance reports. It also helps us rapidly identify problems, improves our processes, and makes us more efficient.

— Senior Planner, Technical Operations Division, Continental Airlines

We had a critical, urgent need to audit admin level accounts in our SQL environment to be compliant with SOX requirements.  Idera’s SQL compliance manager tremendously exceeded our expectations providing ease of setup, very granular configuration options, excellent real time activity monitoring and a great variety of reporting options.  The email alerts also make us aware of login activity no matter where we are.  This provides a comfort level to upper management that was not possible prior to SQL compliance manager’s implementation.

— Senior Database Administrator, Colonial Properties Trust

Idera makes 1 DBA able to do the work of 20. Thank you Idera.

— Monica Rathbun, Massimo Zanetti

SQL safe gives us the ability to backup and restore in at least half the time of manual SQL Server backups. This space and time savings allows us to perform month-end testing on the same day without impacting our production environment. We also have SQL compliance manager from Idera – which is easy to use and saves us so much time!

— Server Support Specialist, Cookie Lee Inc

Great work and support !!!

— Brian Chow, Redbox

Love the tools. Use them every day.

— Marcelo, BKFS

Love SQL Compliance Manager. This is the only tool we could use that had low impact but kept us in compliance with our auditors.

— John U., Expedia

Within a week of installing SQL Diagnostic Manager, we were able to indentify and tune queries that were using most of all the cache – improving performance for all.

— Matthew Gaetz, Banfield

I just love it! Ever since having SQL Diagnostic Manager I have had 0 down time or disk issues.

— Lenisha Kennedy, BABC

Idera’s SQL diagnostic manager and SQL admin toolset are the perfect tools for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting our mission-critical database environment.  The status information enables us to quickly resolve any issues, resulting in tremendous time and effort being saved.  Both expert and novice DBAs alike rely on these easy-to-use tools to manage our 25 SQL Servers, with database sizes ranging from two GB to 130 GB.  This ‘out of the box’ solution provides an essential layer in bullet-proofing our database environment.

— MS SQL Server DBA, Cole National Corporation

With SQL diagnostic manager’s centralized console, filtering capabilities, and data repository, I’m able to see what’s happening to all of my SQL Servers now or 2 months ago, with the click of a button. I now have more time to plan and tune my environment — and it’s a lot easier and faster than trying to collect the data myself.  Great job Idera!

— SQL Database Administrator, Boston Medical Center Health Net Plan

We provide ambulance service to over 1 million people.  We use SQL diagnostic manager to monitor several mission critical servers that are the backbone of our organization. These servers help us track and dispatch ambulances when seconds count. SQL diagnostic manager provides us the insight necessary to make sure our servers are performing the way we need them to. Before we used SQL diagnostic manager, we were only guessing how everything was doing, now we have the facts.

— Chief Information Officer, Emergency Medical Services Authority

We have been using SQL diagnostic manager since 2003, it’s our virtual teammate who never ever sleeps and continuously monitors over the performance of our SQL Server production systems. We especially love the alerting capabilities because it is very reliable, immediate, and allows us to customize the alerts we really need.  It’s much better than any other SQL Server monitoring tools we’ve seen.

— DBA manager, QuickenLoans Inc.

Our company runs primarily purchased, third-party applications. This presents several tuning, troubleshooting, and performance challenges because we did not design the applications.  SQL diagnostic manager gives us both deep and immediately visible performance data that allows us to immediately see what’s going on inside the vendors’ databases, to diagnose performance issues, and to keep things running smoothly. It’s a great tool.

— Database Administrator, American Management Services

With SQL defrag manager, I am able to quickly monitor fragmentation levels across multiple SQL Servers.  Not only does it save me a great deal of time over manual fragmentation analysis, it also puts my mind at ease. Now I can quickly determine if fragmentation levels are getting out of hand. It’s also very easy to use!

— Michael Perino, Sr. Database Manager, Community America Credit Union

We have quite a large SQL Server environment and ensuring performance levels, monitoring fragmentation, and defragmenting all of the hundreds of thousands of indexes in this environment could quickly become a full time job! Now I can quickly pinpoint fragmentation “hot spots” and automate the process of defragmentation to occur automatically. SQL defrag manager is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it!

— Josh Boaz, SQL Server DBA, Computer Automation Systems

SQL admin toolset has saved us a lot of money AND dramatically increased our productivity!  With SQL admin toolset, we quickly find any changes to our production databases in a few minutes, as opposed to the hours it usually takes.  Now it’s easy for me to ensure that our customers can always get the reports they need. In our customers eyes, I really am a “SQL Server Superhero!

— Lead DBA, Arizona Department of Economic Security

Idera’s products for SQL Server make my life easier and allow me to dedicate more time to other parts of my job. Specifically, SQL secure automates user permission analysis – a job that can be very time-consuming. It tells me at a glance what access a particular user has. Via filters and audits, I can easily keep track of changes to objects, permissions, logins, and group members.

— Database Analyst, Bass Pro Shops

SQL secure has saved me a ton of time answering questions for auditors and even more time when they change the scope of what they are looking for! It is really important in the financial industry to determine who has access to what, but more importantly, through which channels. With SQL secure I can cut through looking through a lot of scanning of the different levels of security in SQL Server to get those answers.

— Senior Database Administrator, Hager & North Investment Management

After looking for two years we have finally discovered a high-performance backup solution that until now did not exist and most importantly, does not interrupt our busy servers. Having those frequent, reliable backups completed by Idera Server Backup has already helped save valuable support costs for several of our customers by successfully recovering from accidental website deletions.

— Anthony Gruetzmacher, Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Helix Development

As a member of the Healthcare community, we are investing significant resources to insure that the personal health information from our members is secure. SQL secure can give us that ability right out of the box. It allows us to monitor data access and detect possible security gaps before they are exploited. SQL secure will greatly assist us in going beyond meeting HIPPA requirements and giving our clients full confidence in our ability to maintain full confidentiality of their data.

— Database Administrator, Long Term Care Group

We are a gaming institution and are under strict regulatory compliance.  We needed a product that would enable us to monitor any changes made to our databases and satisfy our auditor’s compliance requirements.  SQL compliance manager gives us all that and much more. It allows us to monitor any changes and attempted changes to databases by users, date and system.  With one glance of the reports, I can examine everything that happened to our systems for the past 24 hours or whatever time frame I choose.  This has increased our security and has saved us countless hours when troubleshooting problems. I highly recommend SQL compliance manager for any database administrator that needs to be aware of changes in their SQL Server data and needs to satisfy auditing requests.

— I.S. Operations Manager, Ramada Express Hotel & Casino

At SalesForce, SQL Server plays a crucial role in our business, so we must keep diligent backups and be prepared to restore a database in an instant. With SQL safe, not only do we get an excellent backup and recovery solution that can be implemented effectively across our enterprise, we also keep costs down by saving a lot of disk space and with Idera’s simple pricing structure. Furthermore, because SQL safe runs outside of SQL Server’s address space, it never affects the performance of our SQL Server environment.

— SQL Server DBA, SalesForce

Idera gives us a known solid platform we can build the backup side of our business on. We don’t need to worry about our customers’ familiarity with rsync or other shell scripts anymore. Now we can directly offer them an end-to-end backup solution. It reduces our concerns, decreases our work load, and improves customer satisfaction, as they have everything they need right at their fingertips. There is now no excuse for letting a drive failure, user error, or similar incident cause catastrophic data failures when backing up on a very regular basis is so easy and inexpensive.

— Karl Zimmerman, President, Steadfast Networks

“Now that we have SQL safe, full backup time on one of our servers is down from 100+ hours to 30 hours or less. This is an incredible time considering the amount of data we’re backing up!”

— Data/System Architect, Treo Solutions

We needed a solution that would automatically synchronize database schema across our different environments. We purchased SQL admin toolset after an extensive search of SQL Server tools on the market. SQL admin toolset has the unique ability to archive a specific version of a database allowing us to document stages of the development lifecycle and revert back if needed – it’s really a valuable and time-saving tool

— Manager, Database Systems, David’s Bridal

I’ve troubled Idera’s Technical Support Team often, and found them very helpful on numerous occasions. I like that I can start the online support chat and get someone live right away. Usually, I can get my solution right away. When the issue has been more complex, I’ve found they follow up with the customer until the issue is resolved. That strength of support has really helped to solidify my confidence in Idera’s product line

— IT Analyst II, Sacramento County District Attorney

SQL DM is a great tool for the whole DBA team and manager. Helps find problems before they happen. Thanks.

— David, Dillards

Diagnostic Manager has allowed for us to implement a comprehensive customized monitoring solution and historical view of our systems.

— Ian Chanberland, Powerex

Idera is ‘dear-a’ to my heart. It has saved my bacon so many times.

— Lady Runa, Viewpoint Software

Love the DBA Suite. It has helped me get a handle on all the instnaces in a new environment I inherited.

— Melinda Garza, City of San Marcos TX

SQL Doctor has helped me to identify problems existing in code that was difficult to find in other ways. It helped me to solve performance problems.

— Mike Tulser, Sally Beauty