Aqua Data Studio

Insightful SQL Server
Business Intelligence Reporting

Aqua Data Studio lets you create engaging data visualizations and dashboards, so you can better explore patterns and trends within your data.


Visualize Data for Actionable Business Intelligence

  • Develop detailed visualizations and dashboards to identify valuable data patterns.
  • Highlight hidden opportunities through easy-to-use filters, data labels, and configurable tables.
  • Alter your data sets for more information and context.

Update Business Intelligence Reports Quickly

  • Build and share data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Integrate with third-party tools for quick accessibility and use.
  • Easily write extract-transform-load (ETL) scripts and get the information you need – the way you need it.

Quantify Large Data Sets for Analysis

  • Import data from several databases, tables, and objects and export in a variety of formats.
  • Connect to many diverse data sources to move large volumes of data.

Get more SQL Server business intelligence out of your
data sets fast for efficient analysis and reporting.


Aqua Data Studio provides the right mix of features, that also
support multi-platform — which is absolutely a requirement for my position.


Director of Data and Applications, Business Intelligence Team,
Fortune 50 global networking company, USA

Are you ready to see how Aqua Data Studio can help you create effective data visualizations and reports for your business intelligence?