Keeping business open means keeping applications running and having data ready when you need it. During backup and restore, that means confidently hitting your recovery point and recovery time objectives. SQL Safe Backup dramatically boosts the speed and reliability of SQL Server backup and restore. Whether you have tens of servers locally or hundreds globally. SQL Safe Backup makes your databases available for use immediately after backup and even during restore. To keep your business running smoothly.

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Value of SQL Safe Backup

IDERA SQL Safe Backup provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for SQL server databases. It reduces database backup time by up to 50% over native SQL backups and reduces backup disk space requirements by up to 95% through its state-of-the-art compression and encryption technologies.

SQL Safe Backup allows DBAs to develop backup policies for individual or multiple servers and apply them throughout the SQL environment. It supports four standard databases backup types: Full, Differential, File, and Transaction Log backups. The SQL Safe Restore wizard allows DBAs to simultaneously restore individual databases or multiple databases on the same or different SQL Server instances.So save time and space with IDERA SQL Safe Backup. Learn More →

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