SQL Secure enables the ability to drill down to a very specific detail of user access and permissions. By selecting a point in time snapshot, a summary is shown giving the ability to hone in on individual users or users that belong to a group. Selecting a user by default providing overall summary which then it will be enhanced with database specific detail.

Assign permission will show where the users added to security roles and groups. A first step in analyzing where the access is gained and identifying if the user has rights above what is expected based on inheritance.

An effective permission will identify specifically what that inherence means. For example if the user is viewing or changing detail they shouldn’t be in specific table it can be shown exactly where that permission was obtained.

By dynamically creating the script, SQL Doctor makes it easy for you to execute this change, improving the overall performance of your server.

This example shows the update permission was granted by virtue of membership to a contractor’s window security group, something that may be breached in security policy.

Drilling down into role and object of specific permissions will again identify where users are able to gain access. This example takes us specific table and shows inherited permissions, identifying the security from different perspective.

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How to Explore Permissions in SQL Secure

Idera SQL Secure is a security analysis solution that identifies SQL Server security violations and ensures security policies are enforced. SQL Secure allows DBAs to view the permission settings of their individual users, roles, and objects, at a particular point in time. It also enables DBAs to audit all users and object permissions on SQL Server instances that have been registered with SQL Secure.

In SQL Secure, DBAs can grant or deny permissions to a user, group, or role for a particular server or database object. The explore permissions view in SQL Secure enables DBAs to review the security information on three levels of Enterprise level, SQL Server level, and Individual user. Learn More →

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