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How to take control of Database sprawl and Database health

Database administrators must monitor their databases for availability, health, and performance. However, monitoring has costs associated with it that may exceed the benefits it provides. One solution to this problem is to use an inventory management tool such as SQL Inventory Manager in addition to a performance monitoring tool such as SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server. Light health monitoring with an inventory management tool can be a cost-effective addition to full performance monitoring. And light health monitoring is often a better choice than no monitoring at all.

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Discover, Track and Manage Your SQL Server Inventory

  • View your SQL Server inventory – know what you have where and who owns it
  • Auto-discover any new servers installed to better manage server sprawl
  • Create tags and custom fields to organize servers and databases across the enterprise
  • Perform health checks to monitor server operation and capacity
  • Collect and manage server environment details with the web-based agentless UI

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