VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software developer that was founded in 1998. The software firm provides a variety of applications for virtualization, and has become one of the largest providers of virtualization software. VMware Inc. is owned by EMC Corporation and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

VMware’s products are divided into desktop applications and server applications.  Well-known VMware Inc. products include VMware Workstation, VMware View, VMware Horizon Application Manager and VMware vCloud Director.

VMware loads a small, efficient operating system called a hypervisor onto the hardware device. The VMware hypervisor has an extremely small footprint and minimal (around 1%) overhead. VMware offers device drivers for all major brands which are loaded as a part of the configuration process.

Finally, client operating systems, such as Microsoft Server 2008 or a Linux distribution such as Bebian or Ubuntu are then set up as virtual machines interacting directly with the VMware layer instead of the hardware. This makes it much easier to replace hardware. VMware is simply reconfigured for the new hardware, and the virtual guest operating systems are not impacted and can immediately boot and operate.

Microsoft SQL Server management and administration software leader Idera’s flagship solution SQL Diagnostic Manager provides complete performance management of database servers operating in a VMware environment.

With SQL Diagnostic Manager, DBAs can get the system visibility they need to ensure high performance of virtual databases with CPU and memory usage statistics, charts for network throughput and disk usage, alerts on VM and host metrics and customizable VM and host counters.  DBAs can also easily access VMware information while on-the-go with SQL Diagnostic Manager’s easy-to-use mobile interface.