PowerShell Scripts

PowerShell is an extendable command shell and scripting language for use with Microsoft Windows used to manage server environments such as Windows Server, Exchange and SharePoint 2010. PowerShell Scripts are really just simple text files. Each file contains a series of PowerShell commands (cmdlets), each command written on a separate line. Putting a .PS1 extension at the end of the file name allows the system to recognize it as a PowerShell Scripts.

The fact that PowerShell is extendable means i can create my own custom cmdlets to make repetitive tasks less tedious, make complex tasks easier to accomplish by wrapping several commands together and automate some tasks such as deployment to minimize the possibility of human error.

The idea behind PowerShell scripts is to provide a simple, easy way to automate a variety of management tasks.

Windows PowerShell  has an “execution policy” option under the security settings. The execution policy determines if and how PowerShell runs scripts. The execution policy is pre-set to restricted, but you can change the setting to remotesigned, allsigned or unrestricted.

Idera is offering 20 free PowerShell scripts for SQL Server 3.0 administration to any interested party. These useful scripts allow you to automate a variety of database administration tasks, includingcreating a job, job stepping and scheduling,  listing failed jobs, getting query results using a T-SQL script in a file, creating a SQL Server table and restoring an analysis services database.

Idera also sponsors PowerShell.com. PowerShell.com is a community for PowerShell people featuring scripts, tips, expert advice, forums and other resources.