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How to Work with ER/Studio Team Server APIs: Overview

Learn about the ER/Studio Team Server REST Application Programming
Interface, which allows one application to talk to another application directly and
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Results 1 - 30 of 390 ... How to Work with ER/Studio Team Server APIs: Overview. Learn about the ER/
Studio Team Server REST Application Programming Interface, which allows one
application to talk to another application directly and securely. https://www.idera.
Devops Integration Tools | IDERA

Integrate with Tools You Use. Uptime Cloud Monitor brings all of your data
together in one place, pulling data in from tools you already use with out-of-the-
box integrations and an Open API.
Integrate SQLsafe with TSM

SQLsafe interfaces with the TSM Client API, allowing you to backup and restore
directly to the TSM Server while using the SQLsafe user interfaces. By integrating
SQLsafe with your TSM deployment, you can immediately receive the benefits of
fast, compressed, secure backups as well as several enterprise storage ...
Uptime Cloud Monitor | IDERA

Unified monitoring of your entire cloud infrastructure; Apdex rating for quick
identification of potential issues; Elastic pricing for elastic infrastructures – only
pay for what you use; Easy to scale and deploy with out-of-the-box integrations
and an open API; Fast time to value with quick and easy installation; Mobile
monitoring for ...
Server Backup Manager

such as Microsoft Active Directory. • Server Backup Manager API: Server Backup
Manager includes a robust API. (Application Programmer Interface) for
automation of most administrative tasks. The API can be used by developers who
need to integrate Server. Backup into their existing billing or provisioning system.
The API ...
Rapid SQL Product Tour | IDERA

Generate SQL code automatically: Use this SQL abstraction API to create
functions for application developers to call instead of them directly using SQL
code operations. This simplifies coding for application developers and allows the
project manager to control SQL programming more efficiently. Debug SQL code,
functions, ...
Nagios Alternative | IDERA Uptime Cloud Monitor

API, Webhooks, Integrations, Assembly required, Out-of-the-box API, integrations
with GitHub, Puppet, Chef, PagerDuty, HipChat, Campfire, or add your own.
Annotations, None, Auto-annotations on graphs, annotation API. Custom
Dashboards, None, Choose what to display for all metrics, servers and websites.
Custom ...
4 Free Tools to Help You Master SQL Server

Plus, restore large file systems or entire servers fast with Bare-Metal Restore;
Web Services API – Use SOAP API to customize the end-user experience,
integrate billing, and enhance automation; Control Panel Integration – Integrates
with popular Linux Control Panelsmlike cPanel, Plesk, and InterWorx. Apply now
to ...
SQL Comparison Toolset Datasheet | SQL Resources

The SQL Comparison Toolset bundles SQL Schema Compare and SQL Data
Compare to bring you one powerful Comparison Toolset. Read more in this
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