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Our pay-as-you-go Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) makes offering server backup to your customers easy and affordable. For a limited time, get the SPLA Value Pack—that’s 45 virtual servers and 10 physical servers—for only $280 per month, with a 36-month subscription. SPLA pricing is available exclusively to ONE Idera for Service Provider partners.

Server Backup Manager Includes:

Multi-Tenant Capabilities – Perfect for quotas, users, and tiered reselling. Build customer confidence by giving them full access and control over their backups
Control Panel Integration – Integrates with popular Linux Control Panels like cPanel, Plesk, and InterWorx
SOAP API – customize the end-user experience, integrate billing, and enhance automation
SPLA Pricing – Flexible monthly subscription pricing lets you pay only for what you use

More than 1,000 service providers in both small and large data centers worldwide use Idera Server Backup Manager. Apply now to become a ONE Idera for Service Provider partner and take advantage of this exclusive SPLA Value Pack offer!