Application and Server Management

SharePoint Enterprise Manager

Now Provided by Metalogix

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  • Easy SharePoint permissions management and administration
  • Security management and reporting at the site, list and item
  • Real-time access reporting and comprehensive analysis
  • Maintains SharePoint governance and compliance standards
  • Extensive and safe delegation of administrative powers

Fast security administration

Idera SharePoint enterprise manager's powerful features quickly execute administrative tasks that would take hours to accomplish by hand on a site collection to site collection basis. SharePoint enterprise manager provides a farm-wide approach to administration, reporting and security management.

Full permissions auditing

Idera SharePoint enterprise manager untangles the many different ways in which users can be granted access in SharePoint. Using audit capabilities for web application policies, site collection administration rights, SharePoint Groups, and direct permissions, it enables administrators to identify who has been assigned what permission level.

Live SharePoint data

Idera SharePoint enterprise manager enables you to work with up-to-date, complete and accurate information necessary to execute your daily security, compliance, auditing, and SharePoint management needs.

Governance and compliance

Maintain security standards and SharePoint governance and compliance with real-time enterprise level reports, easy administration, and complete visibility into SharePoint environments.

Safe feature delegation

Idera SharePoint enterprise manager helps accommodate all levels of management by safely delegating access to its many features. Granular security administration enables you to dictate who can use the SharePoint enterprise manager’s administrative powers and on which web applications or site collections.

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