Application and Server Management

SharePoint Diagnostic Manager

Now Provided by Metalogix

  • Read the FAQ on the transition to Metalogix
  • Monitor SharePoint farm, content and server performance
  • Customizable alerting on pages, controls & servers
  • Intuitive dashboard in the product or from the SharePoint UI
  • Historical repository enables trending and forecasting
  • Light footprint with no agents on monitored farm servers

24x7 SharePoint monitoring

Continuously monitor, identify, diagnose and fix SharePoint performance and availability issues. Quickly understand why your SharePoint servers are not performing well or why pages are taking long to load. SharePoint diagnostic manager runs outside of SharePoint, giving you access to data, alerts and more—even if SharePoint is not available.

Customizable alerting

Ensure quality of service for your users by monitoring key SharePoint pages across your farm.  SharePoint diagnostic manager provides adjustable threshold alerts on worst performing pages, controls & servers. If there is an issue, get an email alert as soon as the problem occurs and have the data at hand to diagnose and solve it.

Intuitive dashboard UI

‘At a glance’ dashboards to troubleshoot issues with SharePoint health are available in the SharePoint diagnostic manager, or directly within the SharePoint UI. You can also use the SharePoint diagnostic manager web parts to build your own SharePoint-hosted dashboards.

SharePoint past, present and future

Immediate identify the worst pages, HTML, web parts and web controls in SharePoint by quickly analyzing their load time, size and type.  Rewind time to troubleshoot issues from last night or last week.  Or, see into the future with the Farm Content Summary and Capacity Planning reports.

Easy, lightweight installation

Agentless and low-impact design provides setup in less than 30 minutes.  Instantly and automatically monitor all SharePoint farm servers without the need to develop any kind of script. Take advantage of built-in default options to start monitoring your SharePoint servers immediately.

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