Application and Server Management

SharePoint Audit

Now Provided by Metalogix

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  • Easily identifies and alerts on security issues
  • Adds new events not available in SharePoint’s native auditing
  • Maintains SharePoint governance and regulatory compliance
  • Safeguards performance with external reporting database
  • Out-of-the-box reports probe out what’s going on in detail

Enriches SharePoint's audit data

Idera SharePoint audit enriches SharePoint’s audit data with additional events including logons, inserts, and field value changes.  At the same time it tracks views, updates and deletes, and permissions changes that matter most to your compliance reporting.

Easy audit setup

Idera SharePoint audit ensures consistent auditing across the farm by enforcing audit policies on all servers and sites – new and existing.  Idera SharePoint audit’s unique, hierarchical, administration model enables farm-wide auditing configuration and overrides at lower levels of web applications and site collections.

Enforces auditing policy

Idera SharePoint audit enforces auditing policy by monitoring the state of auditing on site collections. The Audit Monitor report tells you where auditing is enabled or disabled, and what types of actions have auditing disabled on a given site.

Corporate, regulatory compliance

Idera SharePoint audit gives you the tools to fulfill your SharePoint regulatory and compliance data needs, whether that’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, GLBA, Title 21 CFR Part 11, FERC, NERC or others.

Ensures SharePoint performance

Maybe you’ve thought of turning on auditing before, but justly worried about the performance impact.  Idera SharePoint audit stores its log data where you want, protecting your content database performance.

Sounds the alarm on security events

Idera SharePoint enterprise manager helps accommodate all levels of management by safely delegating access to its many features. Granular security administration enables you to dictate who can use the SharePoint enterprise manager’s administrative powers and on which web applications or site collections.

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