Application and Server Management

Free Tool SharePoint Performance Monitor

Free and easy SharePoint performance monitoring

  • NEW metrics! Watches disk space & disk operation speed
  • Real-time monitoring of SharePoint performance
  • Easy-to-read, graphical dashboard console
  • Sends email alerts when issues arise
  • Light footprint application runs in your system tray

New! Server activity metrics

Time to add hardware?  SharePoint performance monitor’s memory, CPU, disk free space and disk operation speed metrics will help you decide.

Real-time monitoring

Helps you track SharePoint and IIS latency and availability so you understand how your farm’s workloads affect performance.

Graphical dashboard interface

See at a glance when problems are occurring through graphical monitoring of connections, response times and ASP requests as well as CPU and memory space.

Sends email alerts

Idera SharePoint performance monitor enables you to configure your monitoring and alerting options, including thresholds and alert contact information.

Light footprint

SharePoint performance monitor doesn’t require you to install anything on the WFE for minimum impact to your server, and runs in your system tray for easy access.

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