Where in the world is Quacky?

Each year, IDERA sponsors a variety of events worldwide to support education, training and networking opportunities for Microsoft IT professionals. Check out the list below to find events near you. We look forward to meeting you!

If you’d like IDERA to sponsor an upcoming event, please contact us at



Online Multi-Database Performance and Tuning with Precise for Database Solution

Join IDERA for a presentation on the Precise for Database product line. During this time, you will hear from Precise Sr. Systems Engineer, Eric Serra, on how to best utilize a tool that will allow to have a “one stop shop” for all your database needs while creating detailed reports that will help your business fix the problems now and be better prepared for the future. 

During the webinar we will answer the questions below: 
Does your environment carry multiple databases (Oracle, SQL, Sybase and DB2) but does not have a centralized/integrated tool for performance monitoring? 

Has Load/Capacity Planning become a headache? 

Are you database performance reports limited by timeframe or Scale? 

Do you wish you were provided with recommendations to fix the issue/bottleneck? 

If you are unable to attend this webcast, you can register and receive the recording via email.

Online Analyze your query plan like a Microsoft Engineer! (SQL Server 2016 Edition)

This session is a deep dive into query plans and is presented by a former Microsoft PFE (Field Engineer). Learn how a Microsoft Engineer looks at plans and go beyond the typical! There will be plenty of demos and a lot to learn. 

Join me as I cover the "noteworthy" query plan patterns that go beyond the normal areas that customer tend to investigate. This session covers SQL Server 2005 forward and includes the new SQL Server 2016 Query Store and Live Query Statistics. 
Speaker(s) Daniel Janik has been supporting SQL Server for 18 years. Six of those years were at Microsoft Corporation supporting SQL Server as a Senior Premier Field Engineer (PFE) where he supported over 287 different clients with both reactive and proactive database needs. Daniel has presented at many community events and SQL Saturdays.

Online Pragmatic Monitoring: Guiding IT with SLA Management and Application Monitoring

Join IDERA and Robert Vandervoort to learn about pragmatic monitoring within SLA management and application monitoring.

Robert will provide an understanding of what he calls “Pragmatic Monitoring”, and how you can use this concept to easily and effectively monitor your critical business applications, create SLAs (service level agreements) with the SLOs (service level objectives) needed to accurately represent and report against your goals.

Often, monitoring tools are simply used as “smoke detectors” or only serve a narrow audience. See how these concepts can be used within Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to help you guide your IT department or technology group in its efforts to provide top notch service to the end user and meet your goals, whether they are official or not.