Where in the world is Quacky?

Where in the world is Quacky?

Each year, Idera sponsors a variety of events worldwide to support education, training and networking opportunities for Microsoft IT professionals. Check out the list below to find events near you. We look forward to meeting you!

If you’d like Idera to sponsor an upcoming event, please contact us at sponsorships@idera.com


02/21/2017 03 PM CT Online
Data Compliance: Avoiding the Auditor with Better Governance
Governance applies to more than just data. Trying to track changes in data models and correlate them with requirements can create challenges for data professionals and the whole IT team. They need to align changes across all deliverables, including data models and software. This is vital, particularly in high-velocity agile development environments and any organization facing compliance implications.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, as he explains why governance should span the enterprise. IDERA’s Ron Huizenga will discuss how ER/Studio can help data modelers achieve organizational alignment and compliance with regulatory requirements. He’ll show that by tracking data model changes and associating them with the underlying requirements, businesses can rest easy knowing they can face audits with confidence.
02/22/2017 03 PM CT Online
The DBA's Dream: Discovery & Management Across the Enterprise

How many databases are running in your enterprise? Often, DBAs don’t even know the right answer, and only become aware of rogue instances when there’s a problem, or worse -- an audit. A proactive approach would be to enable complete visibility into not only which databases are running, but also their versions, resources and performance levels, thus providing a comprehensive and manageable view of the environment.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss the business and performance implications of database sprawl. They’ll be briefed by Binh Chau of IDERA, who will show how her company’s SQL Inventory Manager provides immediate discovery and in-depth management of every instance across the enterprise. She’ll demonstrate the ease with which DBAs can locate and identify databases, and allocate resources and servers accordingly.

02/23/2017 02 PM CT Online
Building a Successful Database Security Model

You’re building a new application using SQL Server as a back-end and you want to ensure the data is as secure as possible. How do you leverage SQL Server’s security features, such as object permissions, ownership chaining, and security roles to build an effective security model within the database?

In this webinar we’ll look at how to start with a set of requirements and develop a logical but complete model to protect the data for your application, including handling multiple tiers of access. We will cover what the best practices are and when they don’t apply. We’ll also consider how to grant access when SQL Server’s built-in encryption functions, keys, and certificates are used to handle your sensitive data requirements.

02/23/2017 01 PM CT Online
Data Modeling and Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) is a valuable way to use information to show the overall health and performance of the organization. At its core is quality, well-structured data that allows for successful reporting and analytics. A data model helps provide both the business definitions as well as the structural optimization needed for successful BI implementations.

Join this webinar to see how a data model underpins business intelligence and analytics in today’s organization.
02/28/2017 01 PM CT Online
What You Need to Know About Managing Your SQL Server Performance
When it comes to SQL Server performance, best practices may not always be best. Each SQL Server instance is different. To ensure that your SQL Server is performing optimally, you first need to know what the norm is before you can measure and pinpoint where the performance bottlenecks are. The challenges in analyzing SQL Server performance are twofold: There are overwhelming amounts of metadata, statistics, and performance counters available. At the same time, deciding where one should start the analysis can be quite confusing.

In this session, IT Pro expert Robert Pearl will dive into creating a SQL Server performance roadmap by showing how to create a performance baseline, using the time-tested performance methodology known as waits and queues. He will discuss some of SQL Server's native DMVs to capture real-time performance data, aggregate it for historical analysis, and report on useful data to highlight performance issues. This session will be helpful for experienced as well as non-expert DBAs who do not have the time to ramp up on the art of performance tuning.

Subsequently, Bullett Manale from IDERA will discuss IDERA's powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution for SQL Server. SQL Diagnostic Manager proactively alerts administrators to health, performance, and availability problems from a central console, at your desk or from a wide variety of mobile devices. Bullett will also focus on its add-on SQL Workload Analysis that provides a granular breakdown of SQL Server wait states with easy drill-down to isolate problems quickly. Its dashboard displays trending database activity and top utilization to identify root cause, tune queries, and apply actionable recommendations to improve performance.
03/15/2017 03 PM CT Online
Rapid Response: Database Debugging and Profiling to the Rescue
Bad code happens. And when it does, developers often spend far too much time trying to find and fix the error. Debugging is a common solution for database stored procedures, but in a complex environment, running multiple applications on multiple database platforms, it can be easier said than done. Developers need instant visibility, ultimately leading to faster and higher quality insights.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to learn from Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss how errant code can inevitably disrupt systems and performance. They’ll be briefed by Bert Scalzo of IDERA, who will explain how his company’s Rapid SQL can facilitate the debugging and profiling of database stored procedures and functions. He’ll give a live demonstration showing the ease with which Rapid SQL exposes errors and displays run-time performance metrics, thus maximizing database development and code efficiency.
03/23/2017 01 PM CT Online
Conceptual Data Models - How to Get the Attention of Business Users (for a Technical Audience)
Achieving a ‘single version of the truth’ is critical to any MDM, DW, or data integration initiative. But have you ever tried to get people to agree on a single definition of “customer”? Or to get Sales, Marketing, and IT to agree on a target audience?

This webinar will discuss how a conceptual data model can be used as a powerful communication tool for data-intensive initiatives. It will cover how to build a high-level data model, how the core concepts in a data model can have significant business impact on an organization, and will provide some easy-to-use templates and guidelines for a step-by-step approach to implementing a conceptual data model in your organization.
03/29/2017 03 PM CT Online
Health Check: Maintaining Enterprise BI
Most companies realize the value of business intelligence. Advanced analytics, data mining, dashboards – all surface useful insights. With so many moving parts in play, it’s crucial to provide visibility across the entire BI environment, thus delivering solid system and service performance.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to learn from Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss why operational and strategic business intelligence are the cornerstones of any organization. They’ll be briefed by Stan Geiger of IDERA, who will showcase his company’s SQL BI Manager, and end-to-end solution designed to provide a single view into numerous running processes. He will explain that by optimizing system health and availability, users can eliminate downtime and improve efficiency.