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Each year, IDERA sponsors a variety of events worldwide to support education, training and networking opportunities for Microsoft IT professionals. Check out the list below to find events near you. We look forward to meeting you!

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Online SLA Management and Compound Monitoring with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

In this one hour webinar, learn how to monitor complex systems by alerting and acting on the condition of multiple monitors (compound monitoring) treating them as a single entity. You'll learn how combining monitored elements in this manner, and even combining those, can create a monitoring environment that provides a much quieter and information-rich alert message, and how these compound states can be combined with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor's SLA Management capability to accurately represent the status of your systems and truly speak to the terms of the SLA and its component service level objective.

Online The New Normal: Dealing with the Reality of an Unsecure World

Hot Technologies with Dr. Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and IDERA

The data is staggering: breaches of epic proportion continue to rock the business world. Massive amounts of personal information have been hacked, then sold to all manner of bad actors. Another wave of attacks is on the way, in which those stolen IDs will be used to compromise any corporate system that can be found. What can your organization do?

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield explain why security and compliance have entered a whole new era, and why innovative approaches are necessary to mitigate risk. They'll be briefed by IDERA, who will demonstrate how the company's SQL Secure can help organizations stay one step ahead of the bad guys, while also facilitating compliance audits.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT
Online Optimize Oracle Standard Edition with Precise

Precise brings its capabilities to Standard Edition. Oracle SE is not supported by OEM.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT
Online Introducing IDERA DB PowerStudio 2016+ Tools

Join IDERA and Bert Scalzo to learn about the latest release of IDERA’s DB PowerStudio multi-platform database tool suite, including DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, DB Change Manager, and DB Optimizer! The products have new branding, improved performance and usability, and enhanced features and functionality. Learn more details and see the demo in this webinar.

About Bert: Bert Scalzo is an Oracle® ACE, author, speaker, consultant, and is the Senior Product Manager at IDERA. He has three decades of Oracle® database experience and previously worked for both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting. Bert’s areas of interest include data modeling, database benchmarking, database tuning and optimization, "star schema" data warehouses, Linux® and VMware®.

03:15 PM CDT
Online Data Modeling in an Agile Environment

Many of today’s enterprises have adopted agile development workflows, with database and application updates being done in sprints. It’s critical for data modeling to adapt to this workflow and pace, even with one data modeler often supporting multiple development teams simultaneously. In order to make that happen, there needs to be an easy and effective way to correlate model changes with specific user stories and tasks.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to learn from Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss how data modeling has changed over the years. They’ll be briefed by Ron Huizenga of IDERA, who will explain how to associate model changes with project requirements and how to take advantage of ER/Studio Data Architect’s advanced change management capabilities to support agile environments.

Online Configuration Enforcement of Systems Using Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

While Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is typically used for monitoring availability and performance, capacity planning and SLA management exercises, it also has many other possible uses as well. If you are a DBA for instance, you may find a large number of servers not configured to your standards and wish to ensure that any non-compliant instances get corrected. More so, you may wish to enforce these settings programmatically. In this webinar, you'll learn how Uptime can monitor the configured state of a variety of things and ensure they remain configured the way you wish using OUT OF THE BOX functionality.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST
Online End-user Experience Optimization Through Transaction Performance

Everyone runs to the DBA when there is a performance problem. It is not always the database. Precise can measure from click to disk, identifying and pinpointing the root cause of issues.

Online Protect Your Database: High Availability for High Demand Data

Your company’s data is mission-critical. While protecting it from outside attack or catastrophe has become a standard business requirement, it’s not enough these days to rely solely on simple backup and recovery techniques. Today’s enterprise requires high availability and uninterrupted operational performance, meaning the DBA toolbox must provide more than traditional solutions.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear from Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield as they discuss the necessary components of a modern solution architecture. They’ll be briefed by IDERA’s Oracle ACE Bert Scalzo, who will explain some innovative options for ensuring high availability in a demanding database environment.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST
Online Advanced Web Monitoring Using Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Many monitoring tools can tell you if a web page is up or if a web server responds. Fewer can tell you the CORRECT page came up without error. Even FEWER can tell you if: the webserver responded, the correct page came up, we were able to LOG IN, get to the page we want to monitor, and let you know nothing was too slow along the way. In this webinar, we'll show you how to monitor with synthetic transactions all the web pages you hold dear to your heart (or behind a log in form!).