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Whatever your need, IDERA has a solution.

IDERA understands that IT doesn’t run on the network – it runs on the data and databases that power your business. That’s why we design our products with the database as the nucleus of your IT universe.
Our database lifecycle management solutions allow database and IT professionals to design, monitor and manage data systems with complete confidence, whether in the cloud or on-premises.
We offer a diverse portfolio of free tools and educational resources to help you do more with less while giving you the knowledge to deliver even more than you did yesterday.
Whatever your need, IDERA has a solution.
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There is something to be said for boastfulness. It is fun to read a caution on the uptime software web site that says, 'up.time installs in minutes and works exactly as advertised. It is even more refreshing to find that there is really something to back it up. I hesitate to use the expression "best browser-based monitoring software" because those things are always bandied about in reviews to the point where they lose significance, but in this case that has to be said. I hope the following sections will do some justice to what an impressive product this is.

-Emmett Dulaney,

Idera has saved my job. The 8.5 upgrade with increased deadlock information has been instrumental to my role as a DBA.

-Hura Muccio, Kaybank

A couple of years ago, I finally decided to look at commercial offerings again (despite a bad experience with HP OpenView) and had the opportunity to use up.time. Once I set it up to monitor my systems, I didn’t have to deal with it. To quote a late-night infomercial, “set it and forget it”! I’m glad to report that the “configure it, forget about it” ease of use remains in the new release, and if anything, is easier to use.

-Bill Bradford, SunHelp

An excellent tool for monitoring just about any server platform you care to mention. up.time is, frankly, superb. Ridiculously easy to use, vast range of platforms supported, and addresses all the monitoring, reporting and alerting needs of the system manager. Buying advice: If you want a piece of software to monitor your servers and the services they run, don't bother looking at any alternatives: buy this one.

-David Cartwright, TechWorld

We see a lot of products and are frequently asked to comment about user experience. In this case we’d have to say this is one of the best user interfaces for a multi-faceted product we’ve seen – every step has great pointers to minimize administrative effort. uptime software has some real thought into providing a cohesive cross-platform suite of management and monitoring software packaged as the up.time suite.


The Cadillac of SQL Server monitoring. The best tool for the job.

-G. Rasco, St. Charles Healthcare

We are using SQL Diagnostic Manager. It's a primary source for us to both provide visualization as well as metrics, Espically for I/O issues.

-G. Burnett, Crutchfield

I just used SQL DM to solve a serious performance issue. I was able to run a trace on a problem spied from the session details screen and identify a stored prod that needed to be recompiled

-Jeremy Odom, CHMB
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