Meet the iGuy

So What's the Big Idera? 

Idera is the industry leader in application and server management software for physical and virtual server platforms, with award-winning solutions for server backup and SQL Server administration. Idera products address real-world challenges such as performance monitoring, backup and recovery, security, compliance and administration. More than 12,000 customers around the world – including many Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and some of the world’s largest datacenters and cloud infrastructure providers – rely on Idera products to keep their data backed up and protected and their servers optimized for performance.

Next-Level Application and Software Management

You know how it goes in IT—if you're doing your job right, no one notices you. But as soon as
something goes wrong, everyone knows your name (and your extension). 

That's where Idera can help. 

Our products help keep your servers running smoothly so you can get noticed for adding value to the business. Not only will you be able to save the day and gain the respect of your peers for your apparent
super-powers, you'll finally be able to get to the twenty other things on your To Do list and have enough time for more important things—like having a life.

Whether you have ten servers or ten thousand, Idera gives you the best performance and value with products that are easy to install and deploy and deliver real and measurable ROI.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Idera is a Microsoft Managed Partner with international offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.



Open for business!
We opened our doors for business. Housed in turn of the century mansions in the bohemian Montrose area of Houston, Texas we provided solutions for managing the Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

MAY 2004

A star is born.
We launched our first product, SQL diagnostic manager, which today is the ‘gold standard’ for SQL Server performance monitoring and diagnostics.


Going places.
We expanded our European operations, opening an office in London to support our customers and partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Taking over the world.
More international expansion. We opened our office in Melbourne, Australia to support our customers and partners in the Asia Pacific region.


Thinking bigger.
Acquired R1Soft, adding its industry leading portfolio of data protection products for Windows and Linux servers to complement our SQL Server management solutions.


Following the script.
Introduced our Advanced IDE for Windows PowerShell – PowerShell Plus.


Life on the farm(s).
Launched our first products for managing the fast-growing Microsoft SharePoint platform.

APRIL 2011

Movin' on up!
Bid a fond farewell to our mansions as rapid growth meant we needed to triple our office space. We took three full floors in the Americas Tower in Houston, Texas.


Microsoft likes us. They really like us.
Idera is named a Microsoft Managed Partner in the High Potential ISV Group.


To infinity, and beyond!
Surpassed 11,000 customers worldwide.

JULY 2013

Expanding horizons.

Randy Jacops is announced as Idera's CEO.

Idera acquires Precise Software and CopperEgg.