SAP HANA Database Performance Monitoring

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA

Database Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Continuously monitor database performance. Get a comprehensive real-time view of entire instances with continuous sampling and high granularity as fast as 1 second.

Locate Problems in Software Stack

Easily drill-down to quickly isolate problems in the SAP HANA software stack. View the details of the captured data (such as top waits, CPU and memory utilization, and SQL statements versus top hosts, users, and services) to pinpoint problems and their resolution.

Easy Timeline Display

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA shows graphical information for a user-defined period, and this user interface refreshes every 15 seconds. Zoom in by dragging with the mouse over a graph to define the area to zoom in on to view detail. The user interface allows choosing from various time frames (30S, 15M, 1H, 4H, 1D, 5D, 4W) and graphs and tables display data for the corresponding time frame.

Simple Web-based Dashboard

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA provides a simple web-based interface accessible via a browser from any machine that can access the framework machine. The panel displays a high-level overview of statistical analysis and activity trends of database activity and top utilizing SQL statements, hosts, users, and services. Quickly isolate slow SQL statements in a sorted, easy-to-use table.

Monitor Failover Clusters

Workload Analysis for SAP HANA can be installed on a dedicated server outside of the SAP HANA cluster. It will be able to monitor the failover cluster configuration. When installing Workload Analysis for SAP HANA, it can be setup so that you can specify the logical cluster instance name as the SAP HANA instance to be monitored. During a failover, Workload Analysis for HANA will continue to monitor the logical instance name without any manual intervention, even though the physical instanced has changed.

Monitor Multi-tenant Database Containers (MDCs)

Monitor individual database containers served by the same HANA instance. Analyze each tenant’s dedicated share of the instance including its data, configuration, user management, individual functionality, and non-functional properties.

Agentless and Low Impact

Monitor SAP HANA instances remotely from a dedicated framework machine. Workload Analysis for SAP HANA is agentless and does not install additional services, databases, tables, extended stored procedures or anything else on the production systems. This simple architecture significantly reduces server footprint, simplifies the installation and upgrade process, and eliminates risk to the performance of the monitored SAP HANA instances.

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