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Webcast : Decode your Organization's Data DNA
Join IDERA and Ron Huizenga as he explains how a business-driven data architecture enables you to leverage your data as a valuable...
Webcast : Nuts and Bolts: Initial SQL Server Security Setup
Join IDERA and K. Brian Kelley as he looks at the bare bones minimum things you need to secure and audit.
Webcast : SQL Server Performance Advanced Monitoring and Best Practices
In this webcast we will cover several topics you can employ for a better SQL Server environment.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Database Security Risks You Haven’t Considered, But Need To
Join IDERA and Kevin Beaver as he walks through how you can be more proactive with database security.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - The Power of Common Language in Data Governance
Join IDERA and Len Silverston as he discusses current data governance and integration issues, and demonstrates how to apply a 'Uni...
Webcast : Auditing SQL Server Using Extended Events
This session will explain why you should be using Extended Events, how to use them, what information they can provide, and how spe...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire?
Join IDERA and Kendra Little as she explains why index changes may slow down queries, cause queries to fail, cause unexpected outa...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Data Modeling in the Cloud
Join IDERA and Anil Mahadev as he walks through how easy it is to get started with Data Modeling in the Cloud.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - New Features in SQL Server That Will Change the Way You Tune
Join IDERA and Lance Tidwell as he explores new features in SQL Server and how they can make your life easier as a DBA.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Storage for the DBA
Join IDERA and Joseph D’Antoni as he looks at storage from both the database and storage perspectives.
Webcast : SQL Server Database Administration Checklist
This session will look at the fundamental tasks that should be performed when managing SQL Server and give you some pointers as ho...
Webcast : SQL Server Indexing Tips and Tricks
In this webcast, Dave Walden will cover the different types of indexes, index statistics, how indexes are used to improve queries,...
Webcast : A Visual Model of Cloud Computing
Join IDERA and Henry Nirsberger as he provides a rudimentary understanding of the Amazon Cloud using a conceptual model.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - How to Catch SQL Server Performance Troublemakers
Join IDERA and Pinal Dave as he demonstrates simple tricks to identify SQL Server Performance Troublemakers.
Webcast : Understanding SQL Injection and the Consequences
In this webcast, we’ll look at how a SQL injection attack works, what an attacker can gain using a SQL injection attack, and how w...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Top 5 Tips to Keep Always On Always Humming and Users Happy
Join IDERA and Matt Gordon as he uses his experience maintaining several production Always On Availability Groups as an example to...
Webcast : Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Problems
Join industry expert Bill Ellis as he demonstrates how IDERA Precise for .NET connects application transactions to SQL statements ...
Webcast : Best Practices for SQL Server Backup and Disaster Recovery
Attend this webinar to learn about some of the challenges that you could face in your backup and disaster recovery efforts and how...
Webcast : Top SQL Server Database Management Challenges and Tracking SQL Server Databases
Successfully managing database platforms is more complex and has more challenges than ever before. In the first part of this web s...
Webcast : SQL Server Backup: Challenges, Best Practices and Instant Data Recovery
There may be complaints if the database is running slowly, but it quickly becomes an urgent issue if you’re unable to restore the ...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Handling HIPAA Compliance with Your Data Access
Join IDERA and K. Brian Kelley as he looks at what you’re expected to meet with regards to data security.
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Tackling key GDPR challenges with Data Modeling and Governance
Join IDERA and Dr. Sultan Shiffa as he focuses on how data modeling, governance and collaboration can help tackle the key challeng...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Locating and Resolving Common Database Performance Issues in Microsoft SQL Server
Join IDERA and Devin Gallagher as he walks through locating and resolving common database performance issues.
Webcast : Troubleshooting SQL Server Connection Issues
In this webcast, we will look at some of the most common connection issues and show how to troubleshoot them.
Webcast : Common SQL Server Development Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
In this webcast we will look at ways to improve your SQL Server code and some approaches that can make a big difference in overall...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - The Universe of Oracle Indexing
Join IDERA and Bert Scalzo as he explores Oracle Indexing.
Webcast : SQL Server Setup and Configuration Best Practices (Including SQL 2017 and Linux)
In this webcast, you will learn about two key things to being a DBA - building your SQL Server instances with best practices, and ...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - A Photographer and a Data Modeler Walk Into a Bar…
Join IDERA and Steve Hoberman as he covers five important settings the data modeler must be aware of to produce a great data model.
Webcast : Managing Your SQL Server Infrastructure
In this webcast we will cover the things you should be aware of when deploying new servers, decommissioning servers, keeping track...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - SQL Server Performance: The Myth of Table Joins
Join IDERA and Pinal Dave as he demystifies some of the most popular myths related to SQL Server joins, indexes, and performance.