Whitepaper : What is the SSIS Catalog?

  • Overview of SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) Catalog
  • How to deploy SSIS projects
  • How to execute SSIS packages
  • Package logging and SSISDB database
Presenter: Stan Geiger
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In this whitepaper we explore the power of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) catalog. The advantages of using the SSIS catalog include:

• Robust deployment environment
• Built in logging of package execution
• Metadata around projects, packages, and parameters
• Analysis of package performance history
• Enhanced TSQL scripting and stored procedures for package execution and deployment

By having access to this data, the DBA or developer is able to build more robust ETL solutions, troubleshoot performance issues and execution failures while easily deploying projects.

Examples provided in this whitepaper should provide someone new to the catalog a basis to begin using the SSIS catalog. For the more experienced, we provide an overview of some of the more advanced features of the catalog and show how to create SSIS objects and projects and how to execute the SSIS packages.

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