Solution Brief: Database Wait State Monitoring for SQL Server

Introduction to SQL Workload Analysis

Presenter: IDERA
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SQL Workload Analysis identifies where SQL Server issues exist. Then, drill down into periods of latency. This way, correlate all of the contributing factors to establish the root cause. Immediately know what databases are processing, drill into SQL statements, and receive actionable advice. SQL Workload Analysis is an add-on to SQL Diagnostic Manager and a component of the IDERA Dashboard.

Read this solution brief to learn how to explore top monitored instances, focus on problematic occurrences, explore top locked objects, explore top logins, explore top SQL statements, explore top programs, and customize the layout.

SQL Workload Analysis

SQL Workload Analysis offers historical query plan trends, a customizable transactions dashboard with drill-down analysis, detailed query monitoring, and detailed query wait time analysis. It also provides query tuning and recommendations, query plan tuning and recommendations, lock and latch resolutions, storage contention resolution, and continuous and high-granularity query sampling.

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(SQL Workload Analysis is an add-on to SQL Diagnostic Manager.)

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